The black garlic ~ which had crumbled to dust !

dried up black garlic

I'm feeling so frail these days ~ by the time I've had breakfast, washed up and tidied the kitchen I am almost ready to collapse on the sofa ~ hope I can keep going till Bill and Suzie come on 20th ~ if the end is indeed nigh, I'm happy that I've had visits from all the family in past few weeks ~ and just in case, let me repeat here what I have told one or two friends ~ at my funeral NO BLACK ~ I wish people would come in their wackiest, their most cheerful gear ~ a funeral should be as much a celebration of a life as anything else.  Having said that, I hope I'm wrong as I'm really hooked on these police thrillers by Susan Hill, her Simon Serrailler series ~ I got onto them as they just popped up on the Kindle, highly recommended ~ I never read thrillers, more fool me.

Bought some odd looking potatoes with latest Sainsbury's order ~ knobbly and scarred but tasty ~ I seem to be eating them every night with broccoli and either an omlette or bacon and mushrooms ~ see pic.   Also treated myself to BLACK GARLIC which sounded rather exotic but opening its smart black container the garlic has dried up to dust so will return it and get a refund but disappointing as I really love garlic and add it to just about everything ~ not one clove but several, often a whole bulb.  I probably stink of garlic but not to worry . . .

Oh, bless her ~ Mary has just brought me a pot of garlic paste ~ I had some with tonight's pasta and it is wonderfully strong ~ thank you, Mary !

One useful task done ~ in spite of my doubts, I've just filled in all friends' and family's birthdays in next years Dodo Pad.   I generally do not look at the Dodo jokes and cartoons until the week in question.   I've already gone into the fleece trousers I got last year ~ even the old cords do not seem warm enough these days ~ a symptom of Old Age, I guess ~ always feeling cold.   Last night I had the heating on and forgot to switch it off at bedtime so woke to a lovely warm house as it had switched itself on again at 6.30 ~ madly extravagant but a delicious awakening !   In previous years I have not needed to put the heating on until November at the earliest ~ guess I must put it on now ~ I'm always feeling so cold.

Sunday morning : a lovely bright morning though it had been raining in the night.   I've sent an email to Bill explaining that I can no longer feed visitors but for such a brief stay I hope they will pop down for breakfast at Jane's Caff or one of the other places on Church Street, lunch at Sanders Yard wholefood restaurant and for supper a take-away or trip to The Magpie ~ hope this doesn't offend them but apart from anything else, I have no idea of what they eat, are they veggies, or whatever ~ this simplifies things and avoids misunderstandings ~ I don't even feed the family when they are with me.

Tuesday morning : Off to Bridlington Eye Clinic again today so probably won't be able to write anything tonight ~ last time, after about four lots of eye drops, everything was surrounded by haloes ~ glorious !!




These funny knobbly spuds ~ no point trying to peel them ~ they taste good anyway !

Brother Bill again with Mary in the background.