Kate's boys at family wedding in the Lakes.

The strong garlic paste that Mary gave me ~ very very good !

I tried to send email to Mary to thank her for the jar of super GARLIC PASTE she gave me but TWICE the darned thing has bounced back ~ must check address again ~ the first time I realised I'd spelled tiscali wrong, without the final i but maybe it should have double ll ~ it has worked OK plenty of times before.   Had a scrape of the paste on buttered toast at lunch time and it was very good.   Was about to fill hotwater bottle for my flop when I discovered it had been leaking so have had to sort out, wash and dry eveything in basket of crystals as that was where I'd left it when I came back to life on Monday afternoon ~ quite a lot of rubbish in the basket which could be chucked out so that's useful.

Yesterday, Errol our driver to Bridlington Eye Clinic told me that although it might be a slightly longer journey than straight to Scarborough for Bill and Suzie next week, to come here via MALTON and PICKERING might be pleasanter and easier as it would avoid Scarborough traffic ~ I've suggested this to Bill.

Sunday morning : pouring ~ not downstairs until 9 but nevertheless have done a good few kitchen chores including the ironing.   Beverley tells me we have small frogs on our gardens ~ they have probably come down from Tom's pond ~ they probably enjoy the damp overgrown places in my garden and there is a large old basin out there full of rain water ~ I haven't seen one yet but must keep a look-out.   Sainsbury's delivery yesterday so plenty of fresh salad stuff in fridge and yoghurts and bread ~ such a help.   Johnny came in and we settled up payment for Bill and Suzie's two nights at number 3 ~ this is an excellent solution to question of visitors because apart from my very nearest and very dearest it has become a bit of a strain having people around and needing to talk to them day and evening ~ and although Bill is my brother, I have to admit he is virtually a stranger to me, he and Suzie, both ~ this way they can potter back to number 3 if I'm wilting or if they are bored with me ~ having said this, I am really looking forward to their visit, catching up with him and getting to know her.

Had a pot of sour cream so made a good batch of scones for the freezer # it is tempting to have one every afternoon but will try to fight the urge.   Interesting programme last night about Sue TOWNSEND AUTHOR OF aDRIAN mOLE which Kate gave me a copy of that first year it was published ~ as I can no longer read the actual book, I've ordered a Kindle copy ~ hope it is still as funnt !  Made leeks au gratin last night and enough left for today ~ so tasty.   I seem to have gone mad for milk jelly ~ comfort food, I suppose ~ as long as you wait for the dissolved block of jelly to cool down before adding the milk the result is smooth but is the milk is added BEFORE the jelly is cold the result is curdled ~ still tasty but curdled.

Keith is copming in the morning to service the boiler ~ I couldn't remember whether I was to contact him, so relieved when he rang to tell me a service is due ~ he only charges £35 which is incredibly cheap ~ when I used to get someone from British Gas to do it, they were charging £80+ and that was all of five years ago ~ Keith is fully qualified, of course ~ hope it isn't so wet tomorrow or it won't be much fun working in the shed.

Kate and Alan at his neice's wedding (looking rather smart)