Your battered old blogger !

So many blessings !

Mary brought me down a helping of lovely cauliflowe cheese ~ how kind !

Time for a fresh page.   Yesterday I managed to trip over out on the yard and bang my head on that grotty old pipe ~ blood everywhere ~ it was scarcely 8.30 and my alarm was on the kitchen table ~ no sign of life in yard in spite of feeble cries for help so nothing for it but to get myself back on my feet ~ effort nearly killed me and by now I was kneeling in a pool of blood ~ finally made it and shuffled indoors with blood dripping down my face and clothes ~ then at last pressed the alarm and help arrived within minutes and because I'd mentioned bleeding ambulance with para medics who took me to Scarborough A & E department where I was lucky to be seen almost immediately ~ just as we see on News, there were poor souls lying on trolleys all along the corridor and the staff worked off their feet ~ after xray, scan, and various moniotoring they decided in addition to the wound and bruising I'd broken my nose !   As you can see, I'm now an absolute wreck !   But could have lost the eye, the LEFT one which is the only one that works.

Spoon after they had settled me on a bed in a cubicle, who should turn up but my neighbour Mary ~ having seen blood all over the steps, she came in to see if I had colapsed but then rang Police, Health Centre, all local hospitals until she tracked me down and then they'd driven over to Scarborough to see what was happening ~ such unbelievable kindness ~ apart from taking the dogs for a walk on the beach, she and Tom stayed with me all day and insisted on hanging around until mid afternoon rather than waiting for an ambulance ~ so kind and caring.   Meanwhile Beverley had hosed the blood away for fear of someone slipping ~ it had looked like the scene of a murder.

Apparently the O'Connor cats, sensing something was wrong, had sat on the sittingroom window sill crying plaintively ~ as if along with everybody else in the yard I count as wider family !!  Astonishing !   As far as I know, they've never ever jumped onto the window sill before !   Mary and Bev kept an eye on me all evening, Beverley offered to sleep here if I was worried, bless her 
 through the evening all the family rang in alarm ~ and here I am looking like something out of a horror film.   I have to back for check up in a week or so ~ again Tom and Mary insist on taking me !   Meanwhile I haven't to wash my face for fear of evaporating the glue that fixed the wound back together ~ coming all the way from Chislehurst visiting Lincoln en route the first time they've beeb to Witby ~ the first time I've seen them in years, and LOOK AT ME, folks !!

Thursday evening : see what loving friends I have ~ Mary and Tom, and Ellen, and Beverley keeping an eye on me ~ awful as my injuries appear, I don't have any pain so that's a blessing ~ Tom had noticed that the rubber thingummy on my walking stick had worn away and very kindly took it over to the Shoe Repair Shop and had a new one fitted !   

8.30pm ~ Bill and Suzy are on the way ~ they are going to be exhausted ~ thankful I've booked them in to Johnny's cottage so that they can simply say hello, have a cup of tea, and skuttle down the yard to the privacy of their own place ~ we'll catch up on family news tomorrow ~ I'm so pleased they decided to come ~ of all my siblings, Bill os the only one who has not visited Whitby ~ not from any ill-will but simply the pressures of family life (3 children) and their demanding jobs ~ anyway, they made it eventually and I'm sure they will be entranced by everything ~ St Mary's Church high up on the clifftop, the ruin of Hilda's Abbey, the old yards, the 199 steps ~ all of it.

They arrived about 9pm and had a friendly evening at kitchen table ~ I'm so glad they made it.

















The gorgeour flowers Ellen brought to cheer me up after the accident.