Barbara came across this extract from 'The Times' 16.xii.1870

16 December 1870
Great Landslip - At Whitby yesterday a large part of the cliff and 12 houses slipped into the harbour.
One half of Henrietta-street is in ruins. Harland's clay pipe manufactory is destroyed. Late last night 
all danger was not considered at an end, especially if the rains and floods continued. No lives were 
lost. The landslip is said to be the largest ever known in England.

19 December 1870
The Landslip at Whitby - The landslip which occurred on the East Cliff, Whitby, on Thursday morning, has
caused great destruction of property. Fortunately, warning was given to the residents of the houses under
the cliff, or to such of them as had not retired to bed, by the cracking of ceilings and walls, that some
serious event was happening. This was about 11 o'clock the previous night, and doubtless led to the saving
of whatever property was movable, and prevented loss of life. The alarm spread from house to house, and by
moonlight the people set about removing their property. The land upon which the houses were built had burst
at the bottom and slipped away to the harbour, while part of the churchyard and the field above also came 
down to the extent of a quarter of an acre, and pressed on the houses in the rear, twisting, destroying, 
or variously breaking them in. The mass was in motion all Thursday, and large fissures give indication of
still further destruction. The field between the churchyard and the cliff end has fallen considerably. The
extent of damage cannot be fixed, and it seems probable that more destruction is imminent. The footpath 
and rail on the top of the cliff were yesterday settling, and were said to be 20 feet below their former
position. The pipe manufactory of Mr.Harland and his house are in ruins. About a dozen other houses are so
far destroyed as to be untenantable. The Spa ladder, which gave access to the East Pier, now stands bolt
upright. It is 83 years ago since a similar disaster occurred.

Friday morning : Hah !   Success !   Keith, the Road Sweeper came up the yard to collect all the dustbi bagss and cart them down to the entry for collection by dust cart ~ thank goodness !   Otherwise by the time they were emptied next Wednesday it would have been a full month and they would all have been overflowing.  10am and Saul and Bev came to cut my toe nails ~ I've other problems aplenty but my feet are in excellent condition thanks to their regular attention.   Bill came up to tell me they'd been wonderfully comfortable in Johnny's cottage and had slept till gone 9am so that's good.   Annabel rang from Skye as Barbara had told them about my accident ~ 10.45 I lay on sofa while she sent healing and I certainly could feel SOMETHING happening ~ a kind of throbbing/pulsing in my head ~ as I am not in pain, we'll see if her help speeds up healing ~ the Doves are coming at 3.30 for tea in their cottage ~ no room for five of us in my kitchen.
The pair who came zooming to my rescue on Tuesday were ELAINE and DELISE from the Alarm Group ~ yesterday Elaine came back to make sure I am OK and it turned out she had been a life guard at the baths and knew me from those days when I was swimming with the Over Fifties Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ~  she remembered how I used to dive ~ for a long time I didn't dare dive for fear they thought I was showing off, and then bugger it, what the hell !   So I'd swim ten lengths and then allow myself half-a-dozen dives, from the side, mind ~ there were no diving boards ~ before long, people were joining in or asking me to teach them to dive until we had an Old Fogies Diving Display Team the equal of any ~ we'd line up at the deep end and on a signal from me we'd all dive in together ~ wonderful ~ some of the old men confuded in me that they'd always wanted to dive but hadn't had the courage !   I went swimming three mornings a week right up until my first hip op ~ 15 years and more ~ I heard that without me nobody was diving !   Funny, Elaine remembering that.
Just received a "Get Well Soon" card from Howard and Rosie !!   What a surprise !  Having heard of my accident from Barbara, Annabel rang from Skye and once we'd settled on a time, she sent me healing !   She definitely has the gift ~ while I was in agony waiting for hip replacements Annabel would come every week and give me a healing session which although it could not fix the problem certainly reduced the pain for a few days ~ we'll see if today's session helps ~ I simply lay on the sofa at the agreed time completely relaxed while up on Skye Annabel did her magic ~ I certainly fely something in my head ~ a kind of pulsing !   It's a wonderful world and no mistake.
While Bill and Suzie are here, I'm going to offer them this incredible replica of a medieval illuminated manuscript which John and I bought together from the Folio Society when we had a joint membership ~ I was interested in the charming portrayals of contemporary life while John tackled the Latin text ~ none of my lot will be interested in it, I'm sure, but B & S being Christian and Latin savvy might.   It weighs a ton so I can't think how they would have got it to them after my death so this is a God Send ~ here they are with their car.
Tuesday evening and just coming back to life ~ time to start a new page.