Above Ways (as it now is) Lustleigh, Devon in early 1930s (your blogger in the pram)

Friends and Neighbours

the bruising is receding and in spite of appearance I have no pain.

I am so lucky ~ yesterday Sue was here to change my sheets for the laundry and after lunch Lucy came bringing Danish pastries to go with cups of tea ~ Annie arrived just as Lucy was leaving ~ and Beverley popped in a couple of times ~ earlier Ella and William (Peter and Margaret's grandchildren, staying next door for half term) came in for a chat ~ never a dull, never a lonely moment.   And today even more visitors : Helen and family from next door, Barbara, Beverley, Richard the gardener, John with his daughter Ellie-Rose !!   Wonderful !

Much as I enjoyed Bill and Suzie's visit, I am only now recovering my wits.   They brought me a set of Peggy Angus postcards and a copy of her Art for Life poster which Richard took home with him to mount on card and it will hang on the stairs alongside the window where it can also be read from the lower landing ~ they went to the Peggy Angus exhibition in Eastbourne  a couple of years back and met up with Jane, Sarah and Kate there ~ Jane had contributed Peggy's pcture of a train in Lustleigh painted way back in the thirties on the same visit when she painted me in my high chair in the orchard of Higher-above-Ways.   

Sent an order to Sainsbury's for delivery tomorrow.  Sue is coming (an extra hour) to turn up the hems on my winter trousers as I seem to have shrunk a couple of inches and do not want to trip over them.   Rang Health Centre to see whether doctor had heard from Scarborough A & E department after last week's accident when they told me my blood pressure was too low and I must stop taking BP tablets immediately and then get it checked after a few days.   Re-reading Adrian Mole which is as funny as ever and welcome light relief after so many Susan Hill poliGresshinghamce thrillers.

Wednesday morning : A fine sunny morning but chilly ~Sainsbury's delivery due lunch time so first of all I must go and sort out the fridge and freezer ~ the PMQs ~ Richard said he'd be back this afternoon to finish tidying all our gardens for winter and hopefully with Peggy's poster mounted on card.  Yes, a nurse came and took my BP and it seemed perfectly normal again : 140/92 ~ he has just phoned to tell me doctor says start taking BP pilss as before.

I actually treated my self to a small chicken with sainsbury's order ~ a POUSSIN it's called from Gressingham Farm, corn fed and only weighing half a kilo but a nice nourishing treat ~ it's ages since I had a roast dinner but it's now cooking with chopped onion, garlic, parsnip and red pepper ~ actual;ly, I've got a half bottle of Chianti so I may have that with it !   Golly ~ I'm going mad !!  

8.30pm : a wonderful supper ~ roast chicken, parsnip, spuds and broccoli ~ and yes, a glass of red wine from this half-sized bottle ~ sadly I then fell asleep watching Jon Snow, and have only now cleared up the kitchen ~ maybe I'll do this now and agaiin, treat myself to a pork chop, some mince, or even a piece of liver ~ when I was still able to walk over to Landers, I regularly got liver ~ slow cooked in a casserole it is so delicious.

Richard came and did more bulb planting in all our little gardens ~ the poster won't be ready till next week as he intends to mount it over the weekend ~ he is so helpful and friendly and capable ~ indeed A GEM ~ once or twice last wnter when the weather was bad, instead of gardening he went up and painted the attic bedrooms ~ another time when the weather turned nasty while he was here, he came in and cleaned the high shelf in the kitchen, passing everything down for me to wash as he worked ~ jugs for the most part.

Kate, Alan and Doug are out in Spain staying with Alan's sister who has a cottage in the mountains ~ unlike Will & Agi, Kate and family are not great travellers, so this is a big adventure for them.

Thursday morning : Postman brought me this amazing CD from Bill and Suzie ~ it is playing now as I type ~ The Ared Man "A Mass for peace" by Karl Jenkins ~ powerful stuff !   Worrying call from Georgie ~ on Sunday night Bill offered her a chocolate covered peanut and within minutes her tongues was fiery red and her lips swollen ~ an hour later she collapsed out on her yard ~ can you develop an allergy or are you born with it ?  Bill thought she'd had an epilepsy fit but she was certain it wasn't that ~ she has been off work all week and still not feeling at all well ~ oh dear ~ I'm thankful to hear she is putting in to go part-time from January 1st and if they won't allow it, she'll take six months sick leave (on full pay) followed by six months on half pay.   Poor old darling ~ she should not still be struggling to work full-time, not with her Parkinson's.

Cold chicken for lunch with fried potato ~ such a treat !

Peggy's picture of Lustleigh railway, c1935

Peggy's Art for Life poster ~ Bill and Suzie brought me a copy and when Richard has mounted it, I'll hang it on the wall of the lower stair well.