A surprise visitor !

A nasturtium tree !

Oh dear ~ I angled the camera too low so nasturtiums are lost ! I'll try again later.

The Armed Man

The Armed Man ~ Mass for Peace ~ by Karl Jenkins ~ the disk Bill and Suzie gave me.

Bill has sent me the most powerful stirring music ~ The Armed Man ~ A Mass for Peace, by Karl Jenkins ~ it came this morning and I've got it playing as I type, playing LOUDLY as Bill instructed ~ with a white dove on the cover ~ I'll see if I can copy it for you.   Beverley came in with eggs from the farmer;s market ~ she gets me half-a-dozen most Thursdays ~ big brown eggs with large richly coloured yolks ~ that's tonight's tea sorted ~ having had a heaty lunch, boiled egg and toast.

The heating came on after lunch but I'm still cold ~ must be my age.   I must phone Health Centre and ask someone to come and give me flu jab ~ should have thought of it yesterday when nurse came to take my blood pressure ~ I feel a nuisance, having to get people to visit me at home but there is no way I can get up there, even with a taxi (Community Transport) I doubt I could walk from car to waiting room !   Sorry to be so pathetic !

Friday afternoon : Oh dear ~ panic stations this morning when I realised I had lost my alarm ~ searched high and low ~ under things, behind things, stuffed down the back of things ~ nothing !   Beverly came in and she searched through the house again ~ we rang the HQ and within half an hour someone turned up with a new alarm for me ~ nothing to pay yet but if the other one turns up within five weeks they will look on this as a loan and take it back unless I decide it would be useful to have a spare for times like this, in which case there will be a moderate charge ~ honestly, what a marvellous organisation it is, ................ (tell you tomorrow) 

Mick and Rosemary were at the door, up from Derby in their mobile home for a couple of days so that was a nice surprise ~ tea and chat and the CUSTARDSLICES they had brought us !   Good to hear their news ~ for twenty-plus years they were such good friends.

Oh ~ Praise the Lord !!   the alarm has turned up ~ when I made the bed, there it was, tangled up in my quilt ~ I think I will keep the duplicate and settle up with the Carers ~ in case of future panics !   What a relief ~ I was beginning to think I was going mad !

Now I'll see whether I can get a picture of the glorius nasturtiums clambering up the far hedge ~ I'm virtually blind as I aim the camera and if a picture comes out as expected, that's pure chance.

Sunday afternoon : the clocks went back last night and in spite of not getting out of bed till 9am (i.e. 10am) I was still gasping for a flop by 2pm !   Have only now woken up ~ I very often dream while flopping ~ sometimes dreaming that I must get up and make tea before the children come in from school ~ the youngest of the children being 52 !

Some of the clocks adjust themselves ~ the grandfather clock I simply stop for an hour ~ Mary came in to see if I needed help with them (bless her) and standing on a stool was able to get the kitchen wall clock down and deal with it.  the wall clock up here has been an hour behind since the clocks went forward in the spring ~ there was no way I could reach it and somehow whenever I had a tall fellow around the house (Richard or David or Johnny) I forgot to ask them ~ so it is right at last.

I've been sorting things out ~ my knicker drawer yesterday ~ I found I have 17 pairs of white cotton bloomers ~ "Old Ladies"  Bloomers! my girls shriek in horror but I am an old woman and bloomers are so cosy and comfortable ~ today I am sorting out the sock drawer ~ the soft top pairs are inclined to become too bloody loose ~ nothing for it but to throw them out.

Sue was here this morning ~ keeping the house bright and clean ~ she started a blog ~ later, I'll tell you how to find it . . . ah, yes ~ Susan Pickering on facebook ~ have a look.

With the clocks going back, the dark evenings are here ~ quite depressing ~ darkness at 5pm !   I had a jolly good meal at lunch time ~ a boiled spud, curly kale, mushroom ad a rasher of bacon so a simple supper tonight ~ Wensleydale cheese and a pear, with slice of German Knackerbrod (sp?) 

On Saturday Jean and Parry were coming for tea and buns so I had an early flop ~ good to catch up with their news ~ Jean goes from strength to strength with her yoga teaching ~ Parry id desparately thin ~ if she loses him, I don't know how she'll cope.   Before they left, Mick and Rosemary turned up ~ they will be on their way tomorrow and came to say goodbye ~ more tea and finished Jean's cakes and scones and it was 7pm by the time they left.   On Sunday afternoon, Annie came round with an interesting American friend who has been stayine with them, so that was nice ~ looking back, I seem to have had at least two visitors every day over past week ~ how fortunate I am.


Old ladies' bloomers ! Don't know why they look so discoloured ~ they are actually PERSIL WHITE !

Tomorrow I'll see if I can take a better photo ~ without shadows !