My knicker drawer ~ whiter-than-white bloomers

radio controlled thermostat

Oh dear ~ my eye sight is so poor I find I cannot read the instruction booklet for my wireless operated thermostat ~ I'm hoping Mary or Rose will do it for me ~ for the time being I am switching it on / off manually so there is no need to panic.   I'm reading this strange but interesting book that popped up on Kindle : The Cleaner of Chartres ~ it took me a while to fathom out the time line of the tale but I'm glad I persevered.   Barbara is reading the first of Susan Hill's  Simon Serrailler series ~ I thought she would enjoy them.   I read six straight off and will get back to them next.

Wednesday 4.30pm  :  cold and nearly dark already ~ sorted out lots of letters and admin chores this morning so that's good ~ a friend came to tell me about the DSS fiasco at Scarborough ~ a full two hours of idiotic questions and she has been used to interviewing and initiating employees herself and in any case she only has a few months to go before she qualifies for the State Pension yet they insist she goes through this lengthy training process ~ how to write a CV etc ~ quite loopy !   She adjusted the time on my heating thermostat which should function properly again ~ coming on at 6.30 instead of 5.30 as it has been doing since Sunday so that's a relief ~ my eye sight is so poor I can't read instruction booklet OR fiddle with buttons.   It is now set at "automatic" which means it comes on whenever the temperature drops below 22 degrees ~ it is on now and the reading is 18 degrees ~ winter is on the way ~ I phoned Jean and Terry last night to thank them for photos they'd sent me, and down there in Wakefield they had frost first thing ~ they are good friends from several years back ~ they were always in Whitby for the Heritage weekends and helped enormously ~ Jean taking a turn manning the upstairs for me and Terry putting up posters and balloons.

What a god-send is an electric blanket !   This one I got a year or so ago, Morphy Richards which has four settings ~ I've been putting it on to the third ubtil I get into bed when I switch it down to the lowest setting and leave it on all night ~ quite safely according to instructions ~ deliciously cosy ~ last night I put it on at number 4 setting which was even cosier !  I'm thinking about the little old School House in Eccles ~ no electric blankets, that's for sure ~ Brother Stephen and his wife Di turned up once with an oil-filled radiator which made a wonderful difference in those rather bleak bedrooms, and two plae blue fluffy dressing gowns for Richard and Georgie she had made and which lasted for years and eventually passed down to Will and Kate ~ so kind ~ poor Diane died quite young of a brain tumour ~ Stephen married again but has nothing to do with any of the family,not even  his own grandchildren.  

A new series of "The Choir" started last night ~ it is Gareth's personality which makes it so watchable.   Putting a potato in the oven while I have a bath and settle down for a read before supper.

Thursday morning : spent an hour and more trying to delete an unfortunate comment  ~ with the first blog it was dead easy to do this but somehow could not fathom out how to do it on this blog ~ by the time the problem was solved I was goggle-eyed and utterly frustrated !   In my misery I'm ashamed to admit I guzzled down a peppermint cream bar and now wont need supper till 8.0 at earliest ~ what a fool !   By chance I seem to have assembled a colour co-ordinated outfit today ~ purple fleece trousers, a purple and navy striped fleece jersey, and (can you believe it !) pink/purple striped socks !   The socks have just arrived from Amazon ~ 5 pairs ofPINK, 5 of PURPLE ~ having sorted out my old socks I found most of the loose top /soft top ones had become so baggy they were really useless, slipping down into my shoes almost as soon as I put a pair on ~ these new ones are splendid ~ soft cotton with loose tops but NOT baggy tops.


Colour co-ordination !