My crochet cushions ~ unlike my three clever sisters I am no good at needlework but a few years back I went mad for crochet ~ I made them for all my loved ones but then discovered nobody really liked them ~ "I keep mine in the conservatory" ~ I gave mine to my grand daughter" ~ "The dog loves it" Oh dear !!

54 bedrooms !!!

The cow cushion that Lucy gave me.

Just heard on Ch/4 News that Donald Trump has a mansion with 54 bedrooms !!!   Who on earth wants so many ?   And for whom ?   Pure swank of course.   Tomorrow is the US Presidential election and it doesn't look as if there is much between them ~ how can an enormous country like that end up with such a dismal choice ~ Trump or Hilary Clinton ~ he says he will not accept the result UNLESS HE WINS !!   Quite incredible but at least we will get a rest from endless speculation about the outcome.

Tomorrow I am to go back to Scarborough Hospital for check-up on the injury to my cheek ~ hopefully someone will remove the great lump of glue with which they sealed the gash on my cheek ~ Tom and Mary are very kindly taking me ~ what kind friends !  I haven't been allowed to wash my face for a fortnight other than a rub round with a flannel.   Made a healthy veg casserole for tonight with plenty left for tomorrow as by the time we get back it could be quite late ~ sweet potato, red onion, carrot, parsnip, leek, red pepper, courgette, garlic with tin of chopped toms, herbs and a scrape of marmite in gravy ~ I feel quite bloated tonight after a good dish-full.

Yesterday Tom came around 6pm to invite me up to their fireworks party ~ I wasn't sure I could get myself up the steps but with several helping hands I managed it and sat by their log fire with glass of wine as more and more people arrived ~ in their old house the kitchen is so cosy and huge filling the whole of the ground floor ~ makes you wonder whether it was originally separated into two ~ their house is a good deal older than mine though not quite as old as Crystal's at the bottom of the yard ~ Mary had masses of food ready ~ supported by three lovely young men, I came home before the fireworks but watched them from the small attic ~ a marvellous display.

Sue was here this morning to change my sheets for the laundry~ she has got going on her blog and already has quite a string of readers.   I was rather proud of these crocheted cushions ~ a few years back I made them for all my loved ones but then discovered nobody had really liked them ~ they were all in the colours of the rainbow in strict chromatic sequence with a white round in between each colour which made the colours stand out wonderfully, I thought ~ but there you go . . . 

Kate, Jane and Sarah had a 'cousins' weekend in a posh hotel in Sheffield ~ my Kate, David's Jane and Stephen's Sarah ~ that's good that they are keeping in contact, one from Dorset, one from Northumberland and Kate from Heptonstall .

Tuesday morning : A lovely surprise from E-on my power supplier ~ £140 credit towards  electricity costs ~ wonderful ~ it's because of my age courtesy of Dept of Work and Pensions but truly a God-send !   No need to worry about having the heating on although it is GAS fired ~ thank you, THANK YOU from this old biddy ~ I can remember clearly how grim it was just a couple of years ago but before I was awarded all these allowances ~ in dead of winter, having tidied round and done basic chores, very often by mid morning I was curled up on the sofa with a rug and a hot water bottle practically paralysed by rigor mortis !

Let's hope they will remove this lump of glue from my face with which they sealed off that bleeding gash on my left cheek dangerously near my left eye ~ they use glue these days instead oif stitches wherever possible ~ it has meant I must lie on my right side in bed for fear of knocking scab off.


The three graces ~ Jane, Sarah and Kate ~ enjoying a break from responsibilities !