The new wacky soft top socks ~ 5 pairs of each from Amazon

Muddling on !

One of my treasures ~ the cow cushion Lucy gave me years ago ~ I love it !

Realising these days I am not achieving as much as I could ~ especially in the afternoons ~ by the time I wake up from my flop and have a cup of tea it is almost dark and too much effort to start anything worthwhile ~ I'm gradually fading away.   Mary brought down a dish of her delicious hot pot ~ enough for tomorrow as well ~ Mary is very good at gravy.   Mike brought a month's supply of BP pills from Boots ~ I have Bill's music playing as I type ~ really powerful stuff ~ must recover Salad Days CD from Annie before they move to their sheltered flat on the West Cliff.

Looked up Chartre Cathedral on Google and in particular the famous labyrinthe which features in the book I'm reading : "The Cleaner of Chartre" which gets more and more fascinating.   Yesterday having had a substantial lunch (and then a bar of choc) I made do with a bowl of porridge instead of supper ~ on the Aga it is enough to stand the pan on the surround where it cooks slowly and becomes really creamy ~ de-lish !   I must do that again ~ and slept soundly with full stomach.

I see that with every entry a message comes up on screen : SHARE on Facebook, Google or Twitter ~ which I've never done ~ maybe I should do though I seem to have plenty of followers as it is.

Saturday 4.30pm : and the awful gloom has already descended on us ~ Bev tells me that Church Street is full of Goths, and Sainsbury's delivery man said he had to fight his way through a terrifying crowd of vampires and ghoulies !   I think I'll settle for a quiet evening by the fire with telly and my new book on Kindle ~ looks as if there are two highly recommended programmes on Ch/4 

Sunday morning : wet but not too cold ~ good chat with Georgie last night ~ she still has not sorted out whether she can go part-time ~ if they do not agree to this, she will have to take sick leave as the Parkinson's takes hold, poor love !  There was loads of firework activity last night, and on Friday night too ~ the rain held off for them so that was lucky.


Layers of bedding ~ duvet, light blanket and yesterday chrysanthemum quilt too ~ it really was cold.

Such a pretty cloth on this old round table