The ordinary little clock in question !

Oh no ~ surely not Donald Trump !

Against all the predictions, we woke up to the news that TRUMP has won the US election ~ incredible !   These days I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (which is usually around 11.30) but then wake up around 2.30 for a wee when I sometimes find it difficult to get back to sleep and often end up going down to make a mug of tea or Horlicks.  This happened on Monday night and as I sat at the table, with my hot milk and honey and a sprinkle of grated nutmeg, I noticed something very strange ~ the hands of the small white clock on the shelf in front of me were moving round the clock face, not whizzing, but completing a revolution in 2 or 3 minutes, coming to a stop when they arrived BOTH HANDS TOGETHER at twelve.  I thought it might be a sign that the battery was exhausted until it happened again ~ TWICE more !!   Very odd !   But when I came down next morning I found the clock was telling the right time, the battery apparently still OK.   I dismissed the incident as a blip but thinking about it later wonderef whether some one or some thing was trying to communicate with me !  

Another dismal day and raining ~ thank goodness for central heating ~ poor Beverley next door has had a fall and hurt her leg ~ she had to go to Whitby Hospital and have it xrayed and bandaged up.  A nice young man Lewis came for a reading this morning and seemed very pleased with it and fascinated by my system ~ I can scarcely see the cards any longer and had to ask him to help me ~ in spite of our combined efforts we were unable to record it on the kitchen radio but he was able to do so on his phone ~ a reading takes the best part of an hour ~ far too much to remember ~ people used to write notes as I talked until I realised they were only wriiting down the good things ~ not deliberately but that's how it worked out.   With a recording you can't escape any of it.

Thursday morning : cold but sunny so that's a nice change ~ Sainsbury's delivery and it came spot on at 10am as requested ~ such a marvellous help ~ organised fridge and freezer and all put away by 11.o ~ some admin chores to deal with and then I can get on tidying photo library which seems to have got clogged up again ~ I have found I can enlarge all the folders quite considerably which is a blessin now that 'my eyes are dim, I cannot see . . .'

They told me at Scarborough on Tuesday afternoon that I can wash my face ~ it's been three weeks since I was allowed to do more than wipe gently round with a damp flannel ~ the bruising has practically disappeared and it seems that in spite of Xray and scan my nose was not broken so that's something.   The district nurses (2 of them) came yesterday and gave me the flu jab.

Later ~ 4.45 and already dark : message from Annabel who is coming for a catch-up tomorrow morning ~ I know I am a bit of a nuisance to her as she is usually in town in the afternoon when I am in a deep flop ~ good !   I seem to have two of the family on my mind at the minute ~ brother Stephen and son Richard both of whom have broken off all contact with the rest of us and nobody understands why ~ Richard will be 60 now and has had nothing to do with me for 40 years !    In his case it was his dreadful red-haired girlfriend/wife though he apparently tells people it was because I had his Alsation, our much-loved Bruno, put down after he had turned quite savage that long-ago bonfire night ~ as Georgie was eight months pregnant we left her at home with Mary's baby, Piers, while the rest of us went to Winchester town's bonfire up on Orum's Arbor ~ we got back hours later to find poor Georgie on the kitchen table (yes, the table I have today) with Piers in her arms, and darling Bruno prowling round attempting to grab the baby from her ~ a nightmare ~ how Georgie at that stage of her pregnancy ever got up onto the table with a baby in her arms I do not know ~ but once a dog has became vicious like this, and especially an Alsation, there is nothing else for it ~ it has to be put down.   Next aternoon I came home early from work and dear old Peter Chew came and drove us down to the vet ~ that was just about the most awful thing I've ever had to do ~ "Come on, Bruno, love . . . " and trusting me, he happily followed me in to be put to death.   It can't surely be THIS that has driven Richard away ~ I really had no choice ~ and in any case, he was already at Uni and was unlikely to live back home with us once he had graduated.

As for Stephen, nobody can understand him ~ after his wife Di's death (from a brain tumour) he married again and from then on had nothing to do with either his siblings or his own children ~ as far as I know he has never even seen his grand children, 3 of Sarah's and 2 of Rim's ~ extraordinary especially considering that after our brother David died, Stephen declared he was head of the family and never mind that I was 5 years his e;der !   He and his second wife are by way of claiming to be great Christians, pillars of their local Church ~ very strange !

Probably most families have oddities like this ~ it is probably normal !  Sad, though.