the towel rail that probably saved my life ! I was wedged between the lower rail and it took ten minutes to free myself ~ if it had not blocked my flight I think I would have gone clean through the window !

A near thing !

The towel rail fulfilling its normal function

Another fall and this time thought I was going to fly through the bedroom window no doubt slitting my throat on broken glass en route !   It happened as I was making my bed though I don't think I tripped over bedding ~ thankfully I ended up with my bum jammed into  the towel rail ~ jammed is the right word ~ it took me all of ten minutes to extricate myself and then another ten to shuffle to the top of the stairs where I could dangle my legs down two or three steps and so stand up !    Quite terrifying,but again I survived.   Annabel arrived shortly afterwards for a good catch-up before she went off to meet Dave and Barbara at the pub ~ she is such a good friend but used to come in the afternoon when I was almost passing out with need for a flop ~ if she can come in the morning this is much better.   Annabel is a healer and seriously psychic ~ I told her about the funny incident with the kitchen clock and she felt sure somebody was trying to make contact with me ~ all fascinating !

By the way, the hands did not swish round once before coming to rest at 12.0 o'clock ~ no, each time, THREE TIMES IN ALL, the hands went through the whole twelve hour cycle, the minute hand measuring out each hour ~ the whole sequence taking 3 or 4 minutes ~ very odd.   Last night, for the first time since that happened, I dared go down in the early hours to make a drink, but this time without incident.

Poor Beverley tells me that when she injured herself years ago when I bust my Achille's tendon ~ it was not long after we'd moved to Winchester ~ Kate was barely two and Willy eighteen months older ~ I had set up a nursery school (fully approved by the Council) in our playroom ~ a large light room with French windows out onto the garden ~ a sand pit and climbing frame, bikes and doll's prams ~ I was allowed eight children which meant six in addition to my own two ~ I charged 5/- per morning ~ this is how I met Janet Smart who brought her two, David and Elizabeth two mornings a week ~ Janet and I became good friends though sadly I've lost touch with her since I came up here.   Anyway, we decided we'd join a Keep Fit class up at Danemark School ~ and at the very first session it happened ~ we were skipping, I remember, when I suddenly fely a PING at the back of my leg as if someone had thrown a ball at me, a hard ball at that ~ my leg crumpled beneath me and I fell to the floor.  We'd gone up to Danemark on our bikes so I had to struggle home somehow ~ heaven knows how !   In the morning when the doctor came he got me into hospital straight away ~ I must have had to wait till all the mothers had picked their children up ~ maybe Janet took Will and Kate ~ it turned out I'd ruptured the Achilles' tendon and they had to open the back of my left leg and tie the ends back together again ~ I was on crutches for six weeks which was no joke with the six of us ~ and I had to close my little nursery, of course.   Ah me . . . the things we survived, the things we coped with ~ all so long ago !   I do hope it isn't Bev's Achille's tendon that she's damaged. (where does the apostrophe go ?) 

For £2.50 I've bought Jacquie Lawson's Advent Calendar but so far I have not got round to downloading it ~ I am getting stupid ~ I'll see if Barbara can fathom it out, though for the next few days she is glued to the Snooker on telly !

Up late and having done the chores I settled down to watch the Armistice Day Ceremony in Whitehall ~ I watched last night's ceremony in the Albert Hall as well ~ we certainly are good at ceremonials ~ both impressive and moving ~ in a way I'm taking over from Mother who always watched both events, grieving for her two brothers, Archie and Stewart (I'll look up their dates later) both lost in the Great War.

Monday afternoon : and already at 4.30 pitch dark up here in Whitby !   Sue is coming tomorrow instead of today so got ironing done and several other useful jobs ~ Barbara brought me a wonderful wholemeal loaf from Botham's as my choice of bread with my Sainsbury's delivery was a big mistake ~ a soft crusty sliced Warburton's loaf was more like blotting paper and quite disgusting ~ my fault as every other Warburton's loaf I've had has been very good ~ was so pleased to have some REAL bread again that when I came to from my flop I cut myself a hefty slice, the crust in fact, spread it thickly with butter and Sainsbury's "Hedgerow Conserve"  and wolfed it down with mug of tea ~ yum-yum !   The simple things in life are surely the best.

Barbara was here yesterday afternoon when Mary & Terry turned up with half-an-hour to spare before their bus back to Saltburn ~ they had been neighbours for years at number 4 which is now David's holiday cottage ~ caught up with their news ~ they looked very smart in their black coats for Armistice Day ~ they'd come over for a service here ~ Terry had 4 medals though he was too young to be in the Second World War ~ they have no regrets at leaving their old place for a convenience bungalow in a sheltered community over there.   Earlier Ellen had turned up with no fewer than THREE tales of woe ~ she seems to attrac lame ducks which must get rather hard to bear.   While she was here Tom brought us big slice of Mary's chocolate cake which we shared ~ I think she should be on Bake-Off, Mary !

Have you noticed  how few women wear lipstick these days, then when someone turns up on telly with scarlet lips, she looks something between a harlot and a clown.


Praise be ! Barbara's real bread !