The flowers Georgie brought me on Saturday, bless her !

The Special moon

Tonight there is an exceptionally large and brilliant moon ~ if the sky is clear I will try to get a picture of it ~ it's something to do with the eliptical path of the moon and tonight it is closest to the earth for sixty-odd years !

I have a collection of old bread boards ~ the one pictured is best of all ~ to read all about them see my first blog : number 27 'breadboards'

 Tuesday evening : Sue came and got on famously ~ I've just put sweet corn in oven for supper ~ another episode of "The Choir" tonight ~ I did catch sight of the moon last night, extra large and nearer the earth than it has been for 64 years @ at bedtime it was shining right into my window, too high to cover the bed but glowing on the carpet ~ magic.   The strip of glue peeled away from the wound on my cheeks and although I can't make it out, it feels quite smooth ~ how near the fall  came to taking my eye !   I'm being very careful.   The book I'm reading (on Kindle of course) is about the war in Greece ~ first against the Italians, and then the Germans ~ "The Clover House" ~ I#ll look the author up later ~ titles pop up on Kindle by Authors I've never heard of ~ most of them have been well worth reading.   The Clover House by Henriette Lazaridid Power.

Wednesday morning : Quite mild again ~ ironing, ashed my hair, I'm putting baby cream on my scar though it isn't looking too bad ~ Barbara popped by to tell me the sash cord has gone in one of her sittingroom windows and it crashed down but no broken glass ~ John is going to fix it for her ~ we are lucky with him and several other useful people who will turn their hand to anything.   The Super Moon was indeed super bright last night and shining on my bedroom carpet.  I'm getting in rather a muddle with Kindle, selecting the next book to read ~ maybe I should ask Chris to come and sort me out    An item on Women's Hour about the oft repeated phrases such as "you know" and "So" at the beginning of a sentence ~ even quite experienced people seem to use them, "you know" in particular ~ laziness really, or a ruse to give themselves time to think of a reply.

Later : David is here from number 4 and popped in ~ he and his damily have been on holiday in Cuba !   Had mushrooms from delivery so made the simple and delicious soup with plenty left gor tomorrow.  I adapted this recipe from one I read in the Onserver weekend colour supplement, and it is quick to make, and very simple.  And really delicious ! 

Ingredients :      half-a-pound or thereabouts of mushrooms ~ an onion ~ a little olive oil ~           a tablespoonful of flour ~ about half a pint of milk ~ a small pot of double cream ~ seasonings

Method : Put oil to heat in large heavy sauce pan while you finely chop the onio – add onion to oil on stove, sprinkle with salt, and keep an eye on it stirring occasionally while you chop the mushrooms – small white closed-caps can each be cut into about 8 pieces.  Now add the chopped mushrooms to the pan, and let them cook a few minutes with the onion, stirring occasionally. 

With a wooden spoon remove onion and mushroom from the pan and put them aside in a bowl/on a plate while you prepare the sauce.  If the oil has been practically used up, add a little more to the pan, no more than a tablespoonful, and return to stove.  Now ON A LOW HEAT add a tablespoonful of flour to the pan, stirring continually as you would when making white sauce.  When it has absorbed the oil and you have a smooth paste in the pan, add the milk gradually, stirring all the time.  More if you need it.  

When you have a nice smooth sauce, stir into it the onion/mushrooms, add salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of mixed herbs.  Very gently, and stirring all the time, bring soup back to the boil and then stir into it the pot of cream and warm through.  More milk can be added if required but this makes a rich creamy soup.

 For a special occasion, serve sprinkled with flakes of crisped smoked bacon but it is good enough without ~ mine was sprinkled with parsley from the garden and serve with Barbara's  wholemeal bread. 

That’s it !!  Cooking time 20 minutes or so.  You could double up the ingredients while you are at it to make enough soup for tomorrow as well ~ why not give it a try ?




The REAL BREAD on my best bread board ~ thank you, Barbara !