Interesting old stone Tom and Mary found at Architectural Sale

Am suddenly noticing that nearly all the men on the telly ~ those who bother with a tie ~ now wear wide ties ~ a quiet revolution !  

Thursday morning : David popped up the yard to show me three framed photos of Whitby he got in the Sale Room ~ the frames alone are  worth more than he paid (I can't remember how much, though he did say) ~ perfect for his cottage.   Annabel is coming over later to give Beverley healing ~ she certainly helped me enormously when I was waiting for hip replacements.   I must now try and sort out the contents of my Kindle removing the books which I have already read.   Several larje blocks of stone on the yard waiting for Tom and John to carry them up to the top garden.

David came and discovereds how to change batteries in my hand held magnifying glasses ~ my sight is so poor nowadays that I keep one up here, one in the kitchen and one in the sitting room ~ the NHS gave me one of them and I bought the other two from amazon ~ I could never fathom out how to open them to change the batteries.

Suggested to Bev that Annabel with her gify of healing might be able to ease the pain in her knee ~ they have been in touch and hopefully tomorrow they will give it a go ~ Annabel has helped me several times especially when I was waiting to have hip replacements.   She makes no fuss about it, no claims ~ "I just seem to have a gift for healing."

Friday morning : Saul Black came to cut my toe nails ~ such a blessing ~ a very lively Question Time last night, in fact it seems to get more lively every week with a member of the audience trying to take over again ~ a fanatic !   Have just sent order to Sainsbury's for delivery tomorrow and this time with good wholemeal bread NOT the dismal sliced loaf I chose last week !   A strange book I'm reading ~ very slow and 'old fashioned' but worth continuing with it : Mr Golightly's Holiday by Sally Vickers ~ she wrote "The Cleaner of Chartres" which I thoroughly enjoyed.  At lunchtime fnished the cream of mushroom soup ~ it certainly was good ~ you could make it simply with milk and not bother with the cream, of course, but with cream certainly makes it luscious !   Very cold tomight, and pictures of blizzards on Look North ~ I guess Kate and family will be snowed in high up at Heptonstall ~ she and Doug travel into Halifax every day to work and his Sixth Form ~ I'll give her a ring . . . 


And again ~ David's photos

My magnifying glasses ~ because of failing eyesight ~ one up here, one in kitchen and one in sittingroom