Far away and long ago

Charity push

Sainsbury's stuffed red pepper ~ a stupid purchase ~ could have done better myself !

Saul told me he is doing a walk for charity ~ to Scaborough and back (all of 20 miles each way) pushing a wheel barrow full of bricks !!   Five of them are doing it in aid of the families of children with cancer ~ the others are in their thirties and forties while Saul is approaching sixty ~ I hope it wont be too much for him.   The news has been full of the story of the teenage girl dying of cancer who wanted her body to be frozen in hope of resurrection in years to come when possibly a cure for her particular condition will have been found ~ her mother was backing the girl's wishes but the father was against it so the matter had to be settled in the High Court in the girl's favour ~ a day or two later the poor girl died and her wishes are being granted ~ but surely when they thaw her out, all that they will find is a dead body with no hope of restoring her to life ~ I heard someone say, for it to work she should have been frozen BEFORE death ~ macarbre !   And costly ~ £34,000 was the figure somebody quoted ~ in any case, supposing she was brought back to life in years to come, the world would be a very different place and all her loved ones long departed ~ maybe it was a comfort to the teenager as she faced imminent death.

I had a nice purple v-necked jersey ~ a man's jersey which I hadn't worn for a while, probably not since last winter ~ with the sudden cold, I got it out again only to discover a trail of small clumps of purple wool all over the place, and when it went into the wash (on its own luckily) it was shedding purple wool everywhere ~ I guess it was falling apart and threw it in the bin though by then the kitchen floor was covered in purple fluff and had to be hoovered !

With Sainsbury's delivery I ordered pork ribs which I'll pop in the oven now ~ enough for two, it claims, but they should make me three meals at least.

Sunday morning : cold and wet ~ snuggled up in bed until 9.0 o'clock ~ what a treat ~ have caught up now ~ sorting a bag of stuff out to go to the Heart Shop ~ they are very good and will collect it ~ Sue was intending to have an early morning swim over at Scarborough yesterday ~ I wonder if she managed it.

Monday morning : Yesterday Annie came worried at my email telling them there is no way I can walk round there on Tuesday for coffee ~I'm not ill exactly but so frail and the old fibromyalgia pains have started up again ~ she said I should ask a doctor to call which reluctantly I have just done though feel a bit of a fraud as it is probably all down to old age ~ Suee rang at 10 to say she would be late but still no sign of her at mid-day so decided I'd better change my sheets myself ~ bottom sheet OK but guess I'll leave duvet cover till next time and send my dressing gown to laundry instead ~ hope she isn't ill.   Lucy rang too and will come over later ~ Oh, 12.30 and Sue turned up so that was a relief as I'd managed to strip the bed but couldn't put clean sheets on ~ it's now pouring.

A good chat with Will last night ~ Natie and Harry are in Iceland !   And Agi in Hungary for re-union with her old friends who are all fifty this year !!

Tuesday morning : milder but floods all over the West Country ~ swept up leaves on the yard but there are more down already ~ hope I can clear them later once they've dried off.  Annie popped in and they are coming tomorrow afternoon to share the Carrot Cake Lucy brought me yesterday ~ Barbara is coming to get my card and fetch me some money ~ I only just have enough left for the laundry this afternoon ~ £6.50 ~ later, as well as cash, she brought me one of Botham's OATIE loaves ~ had a buttered end crust with pot of tea when I woke up.   Two parcels and several cards waiting for tomorrow ~ how exciting, at my time of life !   A Sainsbury's stuffed red pepperto be baked for 15 minutes,with helping of curly kale and I've made another milk jelly, tangering flavour.   I must not be tempted by ready-to-cook dishes like this which usually turn out to be rubbish.   Donald Trump continues to monopolise airways ~ he obviously thinks he now rules the world and woe betide anyone who challenges him ~ terrifying !

After supper : another episode of Gareth Malony's CHOIR tonight so I'll switch off now and make a cup of tea . . .

Botham's delicious OATIE loaf that Barbara brought me today.