layer on layer but at least I can get off the sofa without too much difficulty !

Thick booster pads on Ercol chair

The birthday cake Mary made me ~ shared with half of Whitby !"!

Older but not necessarily wiser !

Oh no ~ my lovely apricots ! Hope I can save the pyrex dish ~ I've got it soaking in bleach

So much excitement these last couple of days I'm only just catching up ~ with THIS and with chores !   Had such a happy birthday ~ friends popping in all day, phone calls from all the family, gifts and cards galore ~ I feel very fortunate at this time of my life ~ bless you, one and all !

There was a message from simplesite this morning that we can add Christmas trimmings to our blogs ~ snow flakes, icicles etc but no indication yet of how to access them ~ maybe they will be available once we get to December ~ I remember similar decorations last year ~ I think I chose star bursts.

These days I find it very difficult to get up off the sofa ~ it's the knees that are the problem ~ I have bought booster cushions and these have made a difference but I'm still having to clench my teeth and screech getting up from a flop ~ I always make visitors sit on the sofa leaving me the Ercol chair which also has booster pads on it ~ the chair we got as part of the deal with a Norwich store in return for the large mahogany wardrobe which had come from Edinburgh with Aunt Georgie's furniture soon after we were married ~ the deal included kitchen stools, bunk beds and bedding and this Ercol chair.   The sofa I bought first thing after our divorce with money that Georgie Jenkinson had left me ~ there was enough for the green standard lamp as well (which having lent it to John for nine years, his charming family refused to return to me ~ Gowan and I had to do an early morning raid, breaking and entering John's flat and retrieving it before it was dumped !   Right ~ where was I ?  Oh yes ~ the sofa ~ it's done us proud over the past 40 years but has become very saggy ~ the first lot of booster cushions helped but I was still having difficulty standing up ~ now I have a large deep firm booster pad which I think should do the trick ~ and it doesn't look too messy with one thing on top of another ~ where's the camera ?

9pm : Left aprcots in the oven while I was working up here and sioin smelled burning ~ oh Lord !   Stupidly I'd added sugar and put lid on pyrex dish ~ result juice had boiled over and heaven knows whether I can get the burn off dish !   Someone rang this morning before I was up ~ "It's only me ~ I'll ring again later."  My friend Willi from Germany to add to Vera#s birthday greetings ~ very kind.   But what use is "it's only me." ??   I could not think who it was.

Sent Sainsbury's order to be delivered in the morning and for a change, I cleared fridge out tonight, and re-organised freezer so that's good ~ for this week's meat allowance I ordered best mince ~ in all our family years we practically lived on mince ~ and probably a shoulder of lamb on Sundays ~ and to think we were well settled in Winchester and Richard and Georgie teenagers before I was introduced to garlic ~ and now I use it in everything.   It was Maurice our cousin from Australia who introduced me to garlic ~ he and Di and their two year old Stephen somehow moved in with us during their visit to the UK ~ Stephen was a spoilt brat ~ Maurice and Di quarrelled all the time, shouting and banging around ~ I seem to remember they stayed for weeks until they found a house to rent in the New Forest ~ they had started off with Mum and Dad in Bristol and quickly drove them mad so were sent on to us ~ Maurice was a chef and I have to admit most nights when I got in from work, the house would be full of delicious smells and supper ready which was wonderful.   They had a restaurant out near Sydney ~ after Georgie's baby was born, they suggested she might go out there as nanny to that dreadful Stephen ~ Georgie told us afterwards it was absolute hell as the pair of them were rowing non-stop while she and the child and Di's mother sat quaking in her caravan.   Maurice is our cousin on Dad's side ~ he had a sister Margaret who was epileptic and odd ~ after their mother, Aunt Ruth, died, Maurice came home to Scunthorpe and took his sister back to Australia with him but after only a few weeks the poor girl walked out into the ocean and drowned herself.

I'm rather pleased with the large booster cushion on sofa ~ after my flop I found I could leap up with no damage to knees, no groaning ~ it looks good and it is very comfortable ~ OK it now looks like a make-do-and-mend job, but there's no way I could replace the sofa, and in any case it fits perfectly along that wall ~ should see me out anyway.

Saturday 8.30p : Sainsbury's delivery and I seemed to deal with it a bit quicker than usual.   Bev came in for a chat and later Johnny and his friend Darren (6'2") with a bottle of wine so we had a jolly hour ~ thanks to the wine, I may have been indescrete but they won't remember I hope.   Very domestic session ~ mushrooms needed using from last delivery so made mushroom soup (I've given you the recipe in earlier entry) and my meat ration this week is mince so got that in the oven and had a spoonful for supper ~ very good, with onion and garlic.

Having soaked the pyrex dish all night, I have got it clean after disaster yesterday with apricots.  For my birthday Will and Agi gave me the most delicious chocs hand made from a Cambridge shop ~ only got round to opening them last night and OH BOY ~ talk about luxury ~ I am allowing myself two a day and not offering them to anyone else, right !!