Ah ~ great ! See the amount of debris deposited by the river.

Dark and dreary

And again ~ practically knee deep !

Oh dear ~ these depressing winter afternoons !   And winter has scarcely arrived yet !   I've donned a vest ~ I don't usually need vests before December but this is near enough ~ no long johns yet ~ I should be able to hold out till Christmas.   The Choir again tonight ~ such a delightful programme though the music Gareth chooses for his competitors is rawkus (spelling don't think I have ever used that word before !)   I keep adding this and that to the bag of stuff for the Heart Shop ~ I must phone tomorrow and ask them to collect it.

Mary took a couple of splendid photos of the beach knee-deep in branches which havd been washed downstream ~ yesterday (with her permission) I tried to download them here but found it was impossible ~ I'll have another try now . . . ah ! that's got 'em !

Wednesday pm : a good long chat with Rita ~ a friend since Infant School ~ they live in Camarthen, she and Brian, and various animals ~ in our teens Rita was another Hawk our secret society of which Rachel was the prime mover ~ we met in the stable loft of Brislington Vicarage ~ Rachel's father was Vicar ~ nowadays kids would probably be astonished that at 15 and even 16 years of age we were still enjoying such innocent ploys ~ sleeping in hammocks in our eyrie, camping, cycling all over that stretch of country between Bristol and Bath, and practically every day having a swim in Jubilee Baths !   Rachel became a doctor and sadly died in her early sixties, Rita is in Wales with Brian and a large family of children and grandchildren, and here I am in Whitby.   There was a fourth Hawk, Eleanor Briton ~ poor soul had elderly parents who would never allow her to join in anything remotely risky : 'No, she may not stay overnight in the stable loft ~ she has a perfectly good bed at home !'    I believe she trained as a teacher, and eventually committed suicide, poor Len.   Parents can have a lot to answer for.

Thursday morning : Opened the first window on my Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar ~ wacky !   Carrying things up stairs; I realise the top step of each flight is dangerous so now I put the laundry or book or whatever on the top step rather than trying to get myself up with my hands full ~ now I plonk my burden down on the landing and don't try to pick it up again until I am safely up and away from the top of the stairs ~ I realised that otherwise I could easily fall back down ~ another danger dealy with.   At last I've sent an email to Chris ansd Annie Dove who had invited me for Christmas lunch again ~ so kind but I'm afraid I'm really not up to walking round to Blackburns Yard ~ not even with one of them coming to help me ~ ludicrous really as he is 90 and Annie not much younger !!

Chris tells me Annie has found a publisher for her powerful book about refugees ~ Entertaining Angels ~ wonderful news !   3.40 and already the gloom is descending ~ I think I'll have a bath as that always gives me a fresh burst of energy ~ funnily enough, I don't much like going up to the attic in the dark so as the winter gets a grip I'm bathing earlier and earlier in the afternoon.

Even though I have never had a close encounter with one, I really love pigs

Beverley's wacky witch and now the dancing egg she gave me for my birthday ! I should get a close-up.

The Advent Calendar Georgie sent me ~ number 19 is exactly like our house in Quarry Road, Winchester ~ a 5-bedroom Edwardian semi with a garage and a big garden at the back ~ oh my ! I've come over all nostalgic !

By way of comparison, 15 Quarry Road, Winchester ~ with my parents and Kate