Mary's photo of the yard in all its blue beauty !

The block of Stilton which I hope Mary and Beverley will share with me ~ far too much for one on her own ~ my stupid mistake !

Christmas is coming . . .

Tom and Mary hung these gorgeous blue fairy lights in the yard, from top to bottom ~ to start with they were flickering off and on but that could have been quite infuriating through the night ~ now the lights are steady and look quite wonderful ~ Mary and Tom are very good at Christmas !!

Ellen popped in this morning to catch up with news ~ I haven't done much today apart from reading this fascinating book I downloaded on Kindle ~ I'll give you the title tomorrow.   <argaret and Peter went back to Leeds, leaving me a bottle and chocs for Christmas ~ they are so kind ~ I did have cards ready for them to take back to the Leeds grandchildren : Ella, Joel, William and Olivia.   I got the bathroom mats washed and dried and they do look good ~ one blue, one pink, and lovely and fluffy.

Monday afternoon : very cold again but fine ~ Sue didn't come so had to change my sheets myself ~ took me ages ~ parsnip bake for supper ~ I'll put it in the oven while I have a bath.   The thousands of blue lights that Tom and Mary hung all over the yard yesterday look gorgeous ~ during the night they no longer flickered but simply shone which was just as well ~ flickering may have kept us all awake ~ so pretty ! Mary sent me another picture of them . . . 

Tuesday morning :  Mary's lights are now not flashing but flickering which is much easier on the eye ~ must send pics to Johnny and David ~ show them what they are missing !  I'd already eaten when  Mary brought me down a generous helping of her excellent hotpot including a dumpling !   And talking of Christmas, she tells me there will be 11 of them but she'd be happy for me to join them for lunch ~ if not, she'll bring me down a plateful ~ Chris and Annie have asked me along there but I honestly don't think I can walk that far ~I suppose I should invite them here for maybe parsnip bake ~ I don't think I have the energy.   When I told them this, they were very concerned and insisted I asked for the doctor to call ~ although I promised to phone the Helth Centre, I simply could not bring myself to do so ~ "Now then, what's the problem ?"   I feel so fragile, Doctor, so frail.   "How old are you, Joy ?"   83   "So you are 83 and feeling fragile . . . " and she'd roll her eyes in disbelief !   And come the day when I really do need a doctor, they'd be saying, "That women up Clarks Yard who is such a pest."   Chris is very cross with me for being so obstinate.

Beverley is arranging for a hairdresser to come and trim her hair and mine ~ Thursday was suggested but that's when I next go to Bridlington Eye Clinic ~ appointment 1.10pm so transport could arrive any time after 10.30 so better not risk it.   Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendats ~ I sent several friends  this wacky thing ~ Barbara points out that the clock in the street scene tells the right time ~ amazing !

Wednesday morning 

Mary and Tom have filled the yard with these tiny blue fairy lights ~ she says that on 200 metres of cable there must be THOUSANDS of lights !!

there are lights all over all our gardens ! Gorgeous !

Fairy lights right up the yard and onto Tom's garden ! What a sight !