Georgie's flowers ~ they look green here but are startling white


Oh ~ that's more like it !

Yesterday I was collected by Patient Transport at 11.0am to go to Bridlington Eye Clinic ~ again I did not have to have the injection which seemed good news until the young doctor said the WET version of age related macro degeneration is no longer a problem but now it is the DRY version that has taken hold which they can do nothing about ~ this is depressing news as my eyesight is very poor ~ indeed even with the text increased to 200% I have to stand up with my face right up against the screen to see whatI I have written !  It was a woman driver this tome, Janet, and very kindly she walked me up the yard, unlocked the door and switched lights on ~ I'd  just made a mug of tea when Annie came round ~ they still think I should contact the doctor about my weakness ~ perhaps I should send him a note ~ OK, I have agreed to do so ~ I have also accepted their very kind invitation to lunch on Christmas Day ~ my refusal had upset them but hope we are all good friends again.

Georgie tells me she cannot open the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar, either at home or at work ~ it needs Adobe Reader or some such ~ that's a shame ~ it is so wacky !   Maybe others can't access it either ~ I must remember this next year (assuming I'm still here and still capable of doing so !).  Georgie may come over tomorrow if Bill will drive ~ I must get her Christmas stuff ready ~ I'm ashamed to say she is the only one I bother with, apart from cards ~ all too much hassle (and expense what with postage).   That's not quite true ~ I will send Thompson & Morgan bowls of bulbs to Kate and Agi and one or two others.

Last night, having had three lots of eye drops at Brid, the thousands of blue lights with which Mary and Tom have decorated the yard all had halos ~ sparkling blue halos ~ pure magic.  I wish I could take a photo of them but the halos are in my eyes ~ they have disappeared this morning, of course, now that the drops have worn off.   I heard on the radio that it has been discovered that there is almost certainly a link between Parkinson's and bowel problems ~ ringing Georgie to tell her, her homeopathic therapist had already been in touch with her about it.   As yet, it has only been confirmed in mice !

Sunday morning : Woke hot and smelly so was in the bath by 6.0am ~ hope I didn't wake the neighbours though I don't think there are any visitors in number 7 at the moment ~ back to bed and slept till 8.0am ~ great !   Had such a happy visit from Georgie ~ she brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers (see pic)  after a couple of hours to ourselves Bill turned up too bearing chocolate eclairs !!   They went off about 3.0 hoping to get home before dark ~ I snuggled down as usual with hot water bottle on my tum for flop.   Today they are all congregating at Howard's ~ Will, Agi and Natie, Kate and Doug, and Georgie will pop in to deliver Xmas cards ~ Howard is taking the others out for lunch so that's a nice treat for them all.

Last night was the absolutely final episode of Dad's Army, the wedding of Corporal Jones to his blousy beloved ~ very satisfying, and amazing how the series has not dated but is still fresh and entertaining.

Tuesday morning : The novel I have just finished is "Time's Legacy" by Barbara Erskine ~ a really gripping story interweaving past and present day Somerset, particularly Glastonbury.   The one I am reading now is about hypnosis, reincarnation under hypnosis ~ in the first blog I described how a few years ago I was hypnotised for a late night TV show ~ myself and two others ~ I'll see if I can find the entry for you which I believe I adapted from an article I wrote about it for the Mensa Mafazine ~ hang on while I have a quick search . . . ah, here we are ~  entries numbers 88 and 89 ~ do have a look ~ the hypnosis experiences were fascinating and to my amazement I discovered I could hypnotise and regress others !   I'm pleased to read that the procedure described in the book are exactly the same as were used both to hypnotise me and the one I used to hypnotise others.   Quite fascinating !

Glorious !