The four-panelled door of the loo

the six-panelled door of my bedroom

Up by 7am in order to get all cardboard out of the shed before the bin men came ~ thank goodness they took all of it ~ the shed was jam packed with boxes and packaging.

Thursday morning : I seem to remember suggesting that the various designs of the doors in this house are random,depending on the preference of which ever joiner was making them ~  but of course nothing here is random ~ the six panelled doors are obviously special and only used in the parlour and the master bedroom ~ all other doors are four-panelled.    Should have worked that out ages ago ! 

We have finally sorted out Christmas lunch ~ I had agreed to go along to Chris and Annie's in Blackburns Yard though I was not sure I could walk that far ~ Annie popped in yesterday afternoon and having stuck to my guns about Christmas Day, I suggested they come for tea and cake on Boxing Day instead and that is what we have agreed ~ it sounds pathetic ~ it IS patheric ~ but since our tea party with Brother Bill and Suzie at number 3 I have ventured no further than the dustbin ~ I think I've made the right decision, I was worrying about walking there and back, even with my stick and holding Chris's arm (Chris is 90 by the way !) : I can have a quiet day on my own ~ eat what I want when I want it, watch a bit of telly, phone the family, have a flop as usual ~ that will suit me fine.

Tom very kindly investigated my blue bin ~ the dustmen had left the lid open and it was half full of water and beer bottles which someone must have chucked in ~ louts sitting on my bench in the middle of the night most probably, though now with the gate at the yard entrance this should no longer happen.

Mary and Rose came in with a bottle of ginger wine for me and packets of prunes, apricots and mixed nuts ~ how kind people are.   Annie Parker rang ~ at 95 she is doing really well ~ her daughters live either side of her (over the wall) ~ Doreen has had a stroke ~ Jean bless her looks after both of them ~ at Christmas Jean makes dinner for whole family ~ 10 or 12 in all ~ funny living in a row like that : Doreen at number 7, Annie at 6, and Jean at number 5 !   As if Georgie lived on one side and Kate the other ~ theirs is an old Whitby family ~ Annie's husband it was who established the boat building firm now known as Parker Marine (I think).

My eye sight is so poor and my handwriting so awful I don't think I'll bother with cards this year ~ I can either ring people or send emails ~ another mile stone sadly.

 Saturday evening : last night I had an awful fright ~ although the computer screen looked OK I discovered I could not get onto the internet ~ fortunately before supper and before this happened I'd sent an order to Sainsbury's (which was delivered this morning)   After several attempts to fix the problem gave up ~ first thing this morning I rang Ellen to ask her to ask Chris Gill to fit me in on Monday ~ in the meantime she came over herself and miraculously and after much effort got me going again ~ Google is back and this blog and email ~ what a relief !  The prospect of a weekend without the computer was depressing.   

Yesterday before this happened, Annabel came for a chat, and Beverley too ~ to thank her for the healing Annabel gave her recently, Bev had made her one of her wacky little witches ~ a blue one ~ both very happy.   Made cauliflower cheese for supper but as had run out of Cheddar made the sauce with the last of the Stilton ~ really tasty ~ with any au gratin dish there are two things to be careful about : the veg should only be blanched not cooked, and the sauce should not be too thick or too thin ~ I seem to have got it just right this time and there was enough for tonight as well.

A busy morning ~ Ellen was here before 10 to struggle with computer ~ and blow me ! she got me back on line !!   Scarcely had she left before Sainsbury's delivery came and no sooner had I dealt with everything and re-organised fridge and freezer than Barbara popped in to show me a Christmas card she'd had with no picture ~ simply a piece of card folded in half with usual message ~ from the same friends I'd had a card with a snowy woodland scene so I feel quite privileged ! A good job I'd sent Sainsbury's order as the delvery man told me deliveries are fully booked from Wednesday ~ it's bread and milk I need regularly ~ I nearly always have cheese and eggs, butter and yoghurts, tea bags and cereal ~ enough to keep going ~ and there's always a baked potato if all else fails ~ anyway I'm well stocked up now and could survive a siege.

Long friendly email from Charlie ~ Georgie's baby ~ I'll settle down and reply tomorrow ~ the very first episode of Dad's Army tonight ~ I watch it every Saturday night but maybe that's it !  I remember how we'd all sit round the TV in Quarry Road (Winchester) with Kate whispering anxiously every so often "Is it a comedy ?"   And everybody else telling her to shut up : "Shut up, Kate !"

Barbara brought me a copy of TV Times so that I can plan Xmas viewing ~ normally I check TV listings on the internet each day but being Christmas . . .