The proud father ~ a winter's walk in Dove Dale

Somebody's bridesmaid

Georgie with her baby seal

Happy Birthday Georgina Mary

Yes, my Georgie is 59 today ~ amazing how time goes by ~ of the four of them, Georgie was the only one born in hospital, well the Maternity Home which happened to be next door to West House on Manchester Road, Buxton ~ I seem to remember that in those days the new mothers had a full week in bed before being sent home ~ fortunately it was all happening in the Christmas holidays  with Howard at home to look after Richard who was about 18 months old ~ we were so happy to have one of each, and both of them absolute darlings.

Later : Annie came for a cup of tea and to tell me about Christopher's operation ~ he only had an epidural (as I did with my second hip replacement) so that's good ~ no drawnout after effects as with full anaesthetic ~ he is still in Scarborough but coming back to Whitby hospital in a day or two ~ the poor things, with a move imminent ~ they were expecting to move to their sheltered flat by the 6th ~ one of their children will be up here tomorrow so at least Annie will have someone to help ~ very worrying ~ Chris is 90 ~ they both look very frail.

No TV again so I'm switching off here to go and read ~ it is an interesting novel swooshing back and forth between today and the time of King John ~ at 400+ pages I feel it is a bit too long ~ however I shall look out for more of Barbara Erskine's titles.

Boxing Day dip ~ everyone seems to have gone down to watch the plucky swimmers ~ the sea must have been freezing !   And freezing wind to greet them when they emerged ~ I don't think I could have done it, not even in my prime !   With sponsorship they raise money for charity, quite a lot of money.

Georgie rang again and it sounds as f she was having a quiet but happy day ~ bless her ~ actually she is my pride and joy ~ her life has not been easy (teenage pregnancy, epilepsy, and now Parkinson's) but inspite of all this she is so loving and positive, and never a whiff of self-pty.   Yes, my Georgie is a gem.

Wednesday morning : 28th : Georgie and Bill are on their way over so that's nice ~ a bright sunny morning but frost on rooves ~ in my childhood it was on days like this that the family set off for their taditional Boxing Day walk ~ with turkey sandwiches and flasks of coffee ~ for a country walk, along West Town Lane probably and fields beyong which are now almost certainly lost under an estate of new houses.   There would have been four of us trotting along and two more in the pram with a hot water bottle and the picnic ~  Aunt Nancy was with us ~ she often came to us for Christmas, bringing wonderful treats from London.   

I can't find picture of a family walk with the pram ~ as well as a baby and a toddler in it, the smaller ones would hitch a ride on the mudguards when their legs got tired ~ happy dys !

4.0pm : Georgie came for an hour or so while Bill was mooching round town ~ that was a lovely surprise except that I was so tired I could hardly chat ~ hope she wasn't hurt ~ it could have been that she arrived at my flop time just when I am programmed to sleep  ~  felt very unfriendly though she did not seem to have taken offence ~ again she'd brought me a splendid bunch of flowers which she arranged for me in a jug on the sitting room table ~ and kitkats and coffee whip puds !   Bless her ~ so loving and generous ~ she still has not been told whether or not she can work part time from now on ~ it is too bad, keeping her dangling like this ~ if her request is turned down, she may take early retirement ~ now that the Parkinson's is taking more of a hold, working full time is too much for her.

Right ~ after she'd gone to meet up with Bill,I has a good sleep, a bath, now for a mug of tea and a quiet read by the fire before supper.

A Boxing Day walk ~ with Aunt Nancy

And another one some years later after David and I had left home