Will and Agi's wedding in Szeged, Hungary

Willy and Kate at Eccles some fifty years ago ~ ah me !

the diary I kept in Lausanne all those years ago

Raymond Briggs

Adter 65 years I can no longer read it !!

A wonderful adaptation of "Ethel and Ernest" ~ a real treat.   It was taking me a while to get into the book I've started on Kindle ~ I'm reading authors I have not tried before, they keep popping up on the Kindle ~ "The Lady of Hay" by Barbara Erskine was gripping, switching as it did between the days of King John and the present ~ I knew scarcely anything of the history of that time ~ I will try other books of hers.   This one is "Miss Garner's Angels" by Sally Vickers.  For years and years, ever since our divorce, I've kept a record of the books I've read, but sadly my eye sight is so poor that I can no longer do this ~ it was quite pointless really, though it did mean I could always check what other titles, if any, by the same author I had read previously ~ I kept both a running record and a card index for cross reference ~ I love a card index ! 

Up in the attic I have several note books and diaries including the diary I kept during my year in Switzerland when I was 17/18 ~ au pairing ~  decided it was time to read it again and possibly quote from it here, but now discover I cannot read a word of it !!  Small writing in pencil !  Eye sight again !   This almost certainly means I will not be able to read the others either ~ having dragged them round with me for years they are inaccessible !

3pm ~ I think I'd better send a Sainsbury's order as there will be no deliveries over weekend ~ as long as I have milk and bread I'm OK ~ I've eggs and cheese and a couple of spuds.   Yes, I'll just check that there are still delivery slots available.

 Saturday morning ~ New Year's Eve : Ellen popped in and Beverley and phoned Annie to find out how Christopher is ~ he's not home yet but has been moved to Whitby Hospital so that's good.   Sent New Year e-cards to everyone but clicked 'send now' instead of putting tomorrow's date !  Frost on rooves again but it soon cleared.   Last night watched Judi Dench special, and then another programme about Oldies but this time in Japan where the idea is to keep everyone in work till they drop which seems a lot better than those gruesome Retirement Villages in the US.

Having left several items off yesterday's Sainsbury's order, I had another small delivery this morning so now I am well stocked up and could well srvive a siege.   Chipolatas, a boiled spud and broccoli for supper ~ and I got some cooking apples for muesli ~ great !

Later ~ 7.15pm : was intending to spend an hour taking stock but maybe tomorrow ~ watched a delightful programme on Ch/4 about A A Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh ~ otherwise no telly so will settle down for a read by the fire.  Oh ~ thats nice ~ Will just rang and I reminded him that he and Agi were here here one New Year and went off up the Church Steps and (so he told us when they got back) he had proposed to her up there by the Church ~ a good few years ago as Ben is 22 or older and he didn't come along for a while after they were married ~ we all went out to Hungary for their wedding ~ after the official feast, we all trailed along the river bank for a mile or more and had a picnic and lit a fire ~ dozens of us ~ it was lovely.

the flowers Georgie brought me ~ the last bunch lasted a full fortnight ~ loverley !!