Kedgeree tomorrow !

Trump Trump bloody Trump !

  Hope the Trump stories and speculations will die down once he's in office ~ only 40% of Americans are happy about his election victory ~ he's been bankrupt six times, had several wives and a dozen women over there are suing him for sexual abuse !  At 10pm on ch/4 there is a profile of him which I will probablysuccumb to ~ when I heard his mother had come from the Outer Hebrides I felt a temporary warmth towards him, but that soon passed.

Yesterday Sue came as usual, and then Annie to ask for Saul Black's number ~ later Annabel for a chat, and at 4pm Saul himself to cut my toe nails ~ quite a busy day.   I'm having trouble with the extension phones one of which seems quite dead ~ I wonder whether Peter Little, the TV repair man would have a look at them ~ or possibly Chris Gill our computer man ~ if I ask BT they will send an engineer from Darlington or somewhere and charge a bomb !

Rang Heart Shop and someone will come on Friday and collect the stuff I've sorted out for them ~ two dustbin bags fullon ~ that's good ~ it was all spread out on the bed in the attic but now the bags are tied up neatly in the small attic.   I also rang Susan Harty wondering whether I have annoyed Richard somehow ~ she'll ask him to contact me.   Made an apple crumble, enough for a family of six as always so half has gone into the freezer.

Wednesday 5pm : A damp dull day but got on with sorting things out in the attic to be collected by the Heart Shop on Friday ~ Tom took Mick's birthday card to the post ~ stewed the sour cherries and put them in a raspberry jelly but I don'think it is going to set ~ possibly due to the chemistry of the fruit ~ I'll have to fish them out and then see what I can do with a pint of runny jelly ~ PMQs and it went on till 12.45 ~ it seems as if the system has changed to allow all the questions to be asked.

Watched the Trump programme (as feared) and it was interesting ~ his father and gradfather before him were high flyers, bullies when blocked ~ one ghastly pictures sticks in my mind, of his mother probably in her eighties, with dyed hair piled high in an elaborate coiffe (is that a word ?)  and heavily made up ~ this is the girl from the Isle of Lewis who migrated to the States to escape from the poverty of home.

Even though nowadays everything takes me so much longer, I seem to have got into a good morning routine : up by about 8, and having had breakfast, washed up and tidied the kitchen, I do the ironing while listening to Women's Hour ~ then a mug of coffee before dealing with the post and emails ~ with any luck, by 11am I'm ready to sit down at my blog or tackle other jobs around the house : lunch listening to News at One, by which time my eyes are fairly spinning and I'm ready for a flop on the sofa ~ with hot water bottle on my tum, I fall asleep instantly !   I usually come to around 3pm, make a mug of tea (green tea these days), sort out what I will have for my supper before having a bath and blogging until about 5.30 when I start cooking supper to eat at 6 with radio 4 News again ~ I try to have washed up and tidied round by 6.30 ready to put telly on first for Look North from Leeds and then switching to Ch/4 at 7 for Jon Snow's news ~ there's not often much of interest after that unless BBC2 has a treat like the Orkney Archaeologists ~ Sometimes I watch NewsNight at 10.30 and on Thursday Question Time ~ I must start going to bed earlier but otherwise a thoroughly satisfying life, in spite of being house bound ~ reading, cooking, washing and ironing (I am a laundry maid at heart), blogging, a bit of house work (though Sue takes care of most of it), radio 4 in the kitchen, radio 3 up here, thanks to my bath lift a daily dip,  emailing friends and family ~ I'm no longer able to garden but Richard Eshelby takes care of that for me ~ I could say with the poet : "What wondrous life is this I lead . . ."   And that's without mentioning my ELECTRIC BLANKET ~ ah me, what luxury !

Mind you, it doesn't always work out ~ if a friend calls, or the odd day when I am too limp to bother ~ but usually ~ and of course I'm delighted to see friends and very happy that they bother with an old bat like me ~ there's Barbara, Bev, Annabel, Ellen, Chris and Annie, Parry and Jean, Mary and Tom stopping for a quick word on their way by ~ and when they are in residence Peter & Margaret at number 7, Johnny at no 3 and David and Alison at no 4 ~ and now and again friends come from further afiels ~ Mick and Rosemary from Derby for example ~ and every few weeks my Georgie comes up from Driffield to have a couple of hours wuth her old Mum though with her (bloody) Parkinson's, only when Bill can drive ~ we hear so often about lonely old folk who never see a soul ~ how lucky I am !

I was trying to think of an illustration of CONTENTMENT ~ and then Mary came down with this wonderful fish for me ~ £1.40 reduced from £5+ ~ they were just back from Sainsbury's where they discovered a FISH SALE ~ how kind of them, thinking of me ~ it was only last night I wrote about fish and how I should indulge myself once a week at least !   I'd already got supper on the go when Mary came but it's fine in bottom of the fridge till tomorrow ~ and the good news is that I'm pretty certain there is still parsley in the garden ~ we've only had that one fall of snow ~ kedgeree is nothing without parsley.

 THursday morning : Barbara popped in bringing the candle bulbs for the fire in case they go out again though the previous pair lasted three years and more.   I found the parsley in the garden had not been killed off by the frost so hoping I can salvage enough for the kedgeree.  Gathered up a couple more items for the Heart Shop tomorrow ~ good to get rid of them.   I'm trying to download the brilliant picture Barbara sent me of last week's wild weather and raging sea ~ it isn't her own picture but powerful ~ I'm not feeling very bright this morning so instead of pissin about here, I'll go down and prepare the kedgeree ingredients : rice, hard boiled eggs, and the fish ~ ready for tonight.

Later : a busy afternoon ~ Chris Gill came and fixed problem with printer ~ Beverley asked me to do a tarot reading for John's brother Richard ~ he seemed pleased with it ~ it made sense and it was helpful ~ earlier I'd prepared ingreduents for kedgeree and Barbara was right, the last of the parsley from the garden was fine ~ I'll get parsley in a pot with next Sainsbury's order ~ kedgeree is nothing without parsley.   Must phone Mick for his birthday before I settle down to read until Question Time / Any Questions ~ can never remember which is which !.