Trump's Inauguration Day

Donald J Trump is now the most important man on the planet, so help us God !   Barbara has sent me details of Scarborough based energy company offering good deals ~ have got so far into registration but don't know how to scan the hidden details in that square on the bills ~ all wriggledy and squiggly ~ in fact I didn't realise you could scan it ~ I thought it was for E-on's information only ~ a similar mysterious square appears on just about everything nowadays ~ I should have investigated.   Barbara mainly came round to bring me one of these delicious doughy loaves from Botham's ~ an OATIE !   She was on her way home from the gymn and I was amazed at what she told me about the equipment up there ~ each machine is able not only to tell you how fast you are pedaling / running or whatever but provide you with a virtual landscape on screen through which you are cycling ~ a quiet country road, a steep mountain track etc and if you choose it, a group of fellow athletes riding alongside to set the pace !!   You can also have radio or TV or music to keep you amused as you pound or pedal !  Amazing !

Peter and Margaret are next door, I think ~ it's good when several of the properties are occupied.   John rang from Wells earlier and we had a good long chat ~ he was back in his own place just to collect post etc but has been staying with James and family since coming out of hospital a couple of days before Christmas having had a rather nasty operation ~ he still sounds frail ~ hopes to be able to cope on his own in a week or two ~ James and Claire live in the large Georgian house in which John and Rachel brought up their four children ~ he lived there alone for several years after she died ~ it must be a bit painful for him, being back there without her, but it is good that it is still in the family and full of young children.   I do hope John is going to be OK ~ his voice was rather frail.

 Got birthday card off to Rita in Carmarthan ~ in our early teens we three, Rita, Rachel and I, were the Hawks ~ with a splendid den above the stables of the Brislington Vicarage ~ Rachel's father was vicar ~ a few years ago on a visit to Mother in Somerton, John drove me from Temple Meads to Wells via Brislington and up to the Vicarage which is flats now, and a smart house where the stable block used to be ~ it was a depressing experience ~ the Vicarage door had always been open and comings and goings, but now there was no sign of life ~ everyone in the posh flats in that elegant old house must have been at work and the whole place dead.   I think I wrote about this in the first blog, about the Hawks and how we used to go up onto the roof ~ M-shaped with a gulley down the middle ~ with no railings at eith end and a three-storey drop !     And if no-one was around we'd tie a rope round Rachel's bed and abseil down to the ground.  

There was an enormous mulberry tree in the Vicarage garden ~ you couldn't climb it ~ the lowest branches were ten feet above ground or more ~ when the mulberries were ripe the Hulberts would invite friends round to gather them off the grass by the bucJohn and I, we snooped around the garden and tennis court where a small estate of horrid little houses had replaced them.   Uncle Mike was I suppose a gentleman vicar with gardener provided, help in the house  . . . this was the forties, and not that long before there would have been a horse or two in our stable den, and a groom and carriage and driver ~ only say 40 years earlier. {I suddenly can't remember what the word is for a carriage driver !   That's Old Age for you !}

Saturday morning :  before he'd even slept one night in the White House, we hear on the News this morning that Trump has set things in motion to remove Medicare which Obama's introduced bringing free or affordable health care to all ~ HIS VERY FIRST DAY !   I heard some influential American suggesting Trump is unbalanced, possibly demented ~ gloomy outlook for all the world.   Surely he doesn't have a free hand ?  He is already beginning to sound like a dictator ~ and he was eager to install his own family in positions of power, to the Cabinet ~ next thing, he'll  be changing the Constitution to allow a President to hold the office for life !

9.30pm : All the News on TV and radio full of scenes of protest against Donald Trump's election ~ hundreds of thousand in cities across America and round the world including several here in the UK.   But is there any way to get rid of the man ?   Message from Chris Wise about the regression all those years ago ~ the hypnotist is no longer with us but died in 2013 ~ I would have liked to discuss the matter with him, the Orkney boats so familiar to me from that second regression.     Bev came in with a bottle of good red wine from Richard to thank me for the tarot reading I did him ~another helping of kedgeree from freezer for supper and with a good handful of chopped parsley that came this morning with Sainsbury's delivery~ yum ~ I do love kedgeree ~ Ellen came for a chat~ she alwas has plenty of stories to tell me ~ a quiet evening reading but now I'll put BBC news on telly to get the latest on anti-Trump marches ~ I had thought his wife must be about 19 or 20 however Ellen says she is in her 40s but has been cleverly preserved on all fronts.

Sunday morning : when I switched the telly on for 10pm News there was a funny noise and no pictures ~ not to worry ~ I'll ring Peter in the morning ~ hope it isn't serious ~ no TV tonight then, usually my Big Telly Night with Songs of Praise, the News, Country File and Antiques Road Show ~ but can't be helped.  Peter and Margaret are off back to Leeds ~ they had 17 over Christmas, ten of them sleeping in the house and Helen and children nearby ~ one family home from Spain and one from Portugal ~ heart warming having all of them together 9 grand children included but exhausting !