New friends ~ our Big Teds ~ Beverley's is Twoquid and mine is Louis after my mother ~ he came to me after she died ~ Twoquid is adorably floppy !

Sue here to change my sheets ready for the laundry tomorrow ~ Bev popped in and one of the Little & Large boys came to look at the telly which broke down on Saturday night ~ possibly the box so they've left me another and taken mine away to investigate problem but may have to pay for a new one ~ whatever, it's working fine tonight.   I'd phoned Chris Gill about the computer as I have not been able to get into email since Saturday ~ between them, Chris and Barbara got me going again ~ had to change my password ~ trying to do it myself, each time I was stalled at Q : "Where were you born ?"  A : Seaham Harbour OR Durham OR UK 
 it wouldn't accept any of them ~ don't know how Chris got round this, but he did, thank goodness.  Had a good chat with B and cupa and when she left ,five-o'clock bath before supper ~ pasta, mushrooms, grated cheese and lots of chopped parsley.  No more tonight ~ clean sheet night is always delicious !

Tuesday morning ~ glorious winter morning ~ having repaired it, Peter brought my TV box back and only charfed me £30 so that's good ~ I must do something about these portable phones ~ I have one up here and one in the kitchen but this one has obviously had it ~ instead of ringing it kind of whistles ~ a piercing whistle ~ and then when I pick it up nothing.   I'll see if I can find something similar on Amazon ~ a base plus two portable handsets.

With all this bright sunlight, I realise the windows badly need cleaning inside and presumably the curtains could do with a wash as well.   Hope I'm up to it.   The lad did the top halves of kitchen and study windows which I simply cannot reach stretching across the sink or up here the work top.   Tomorrow is my old friend Rita's birthday ~ I did get a card off to her but will write  her a newsy email later ~ Rita is a few months older than me so will be 84 ~ last I heard, they were hoping to sell their house in Carmarthan ~ hope all is going to plan.   Right ~ time for lunch . . .

Wednesday afternoon : Had to get Peter back as no TV again last night, just those silly little blue lozenges floating across the screen " no video link"   He came before lunch, Peter himself, and soon fixed the problem, and talked about my blog, THIS BLOG which he follows intermitently ~ was quite chuffed.   Long chat with Georgie who is off work  recovering from fearfully long day yesterday : 8-5.30 ~ when she got home Bill thought she was going to collapse ~ I do wish the Council would decide whether she can have six months sick leave or early retirement ~ now with Parkinson's it is too much for her, working full time plus driving over to Beverley and back from Driffield ~ she is hopful that a decision will be reached before the end of January   My poor old darling.

The one thing that is not going to pot in my dotage is the washing ~ keeping the laundry under control has been my life's work for the last sixty years ~ I do a load every other night and dry it round the Aga over night ready to iron in the morning ~ people can't understand why I iron T-towels, knickers, everything ~ it gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction having a clothes horse full of clean ironed things ~ quite unnecessary, but there you go . . . 

Rita and have been friends for 75 years we decided ~ we lived at 35 and I believe the Gooderhams lived at 21 St Martin's Road ~ buttons were our passion (as I've already mentioned) : they'd save odd ones for us at the Haberdasher's down on the Wells Road, odd ones left on a card, or that had fallen off ~ we would go down on Saturday mornings clutching a few pennies pocket money to see whether she had anything for us ~ each of us had a biscuit tin full and we'd often spread them out on the carpet in Rita's front room and have elaborate games with them ~ button families and schools and hospitals.   I was telling my girls about this recently ~ they all assumed we must have been about 8 or 9, but in fact we were 11 or 12 years old ~ Georgie, Kate and Agi could scarcely believe it.   Once we'd left school we lost touch for a good many years, but it was good that she and Brian drove up here three years ago, staying in a caravan on far side of Scarborough since when we have been in touch again which is great.   I wonder what happened to all those pretty buttons ~ we must have had a thousand and more between us.

Reading an interesting book on Kindle ~ the diary of Millicent covering 80-odd years yp to 1998 ~ as always, I'll give you author and title later ~ you can't just bring them up on screen which is rather annoying I think the author is Margaret Forster ~ the Diaty could be authentic but possibly a clever ruse ~ ah, here we are ~ "The Diary of an Ordinary Woman" ~ having heard an interview on Women's Hour with Barbara Taylor Bradford, I did try "A Woman of Substance" but it really isn't very well written ~ too many adjectives, too many explanations, so I gave up ~ mind, it sold MILLIONS of copies in dozens of languages so it must just be me !   Time to make supper : bacon, mushrooms, curly kale and a boiled spud ~ let's hope the TV is working tonight though I did not really miss it last night ~ there is another Who Do You Think You Are tonight this time with Ian MacKellan ~ oh bugger !   The telly is still not working ~ all I get are these little blue lozenges floating around "No signal"  ~ as Peter and his colleague have both looked at it, and taken the box away and repaired it, and it was OK at lunch time when Peter was here, I think it must be the actual TV that's faulty never mind the box ~ I hope they have a reconditioned one they could sell me in place of this ~ I bought this from them six or seven years ago for £100 reconditioned and they took the old cube away _ it weighed a ton.  I left them a message as soon as I discovered the problem even though they won't see it till morning ~ fingers crossed that they have one available.   PS Thursday : no need to replace TV ~ I had not understood about turning the box on each time ~ Peter phoned and explained ~ Barbara came and will help me install replacement portable phones but not today ~ Annie came too and we had a long chat about their Catholisism etc ~ Chris is out and about again  but still has a very painful back but muscle not bone that's good.