The Diary of an Ordinary Woman

This is an excellent book though I still can't decide whether it is an actual Diary or fiction ~ the author explains in Foreword how she came across the diary but maybe that too is part of the novel.   A bright morning again but very cold ~ I've been sitting by the fire reading since surfacing from my flop ~ Barbara is popping in again shortly on her way home from her volunary work as DAG advisor in the library.   The cordless phone has arrived to replace the others which seem to have given up the ghost ~ one up here which I can carry up to the attic when I go for a bath or have beside me on the dressing table through the night.  The other in the kitchen ~ I don't always hear the phone in the sitting room if I'm clattering about in the kitchen.   Barbara says she will install them for me but no hurry ~ I can managr a while longer.

Yesterday in Halifax hospital Kate had a small wart/pimple removed from her cheek ~ she says she's had it for years but I've never noticed it ~ I was a bit worried as it was gone 9pm and they were not answering the phone ~ rang Georgie who said the op was at 7pm and afterwards they went out for supper before picking Doug up from some evening event at school ~ he is in the Sixth Form at Halifax School.   No telly again last night but there was nothing on apart from Ch/4 News and NewsNight ~ I'm back in business tonight and know what the problem was and can deal with it ~ must ensure there is a GREEN light on the BOX.

Trump seems determined to go ahead with his mad plans ~ building a 2000 mile wall along the border with Mexico, cracking down on abortion, and today bringing back water boarding in fight against terrorism ~ can they get rid of him or is he safely in power for four years ?   Horrifying !   Does he have absolute power (as it appears at present) or can Congress curb his activities ?

Later ~ TV working again after Barbara's instructions ~ haven't seen News for days though it is pretty depressing ~ bitterly cold tonight ~ I must put the blanket on in good time ~ the electric blanket is one of the most brilliant ideas ever ~ my Morphy Richards is safe to keep on through the night at the lowest setting ~ sheer bliss.   

Told Annie about the wonderful idea I had soon after our divorce to produce a book of people's supernatural experiences however trivial ~ I had a letter in a dozen or so papers inviting contributions and received hundreds of letters only two of which I felt were phoney ~ the trouble was that instead of preparing a duplicated letter of thanks that could be sent out to everyone, I felt obliged to answer each one personally : "How kind of you to entrust me with this remarkable experience ..." with the result sadly that the book never got written ~ up in the attic I still have a box full of these personal accounts but it's too late to do anything with them now ~ I do feel guilty at letting so many trusting correspondents down ~ oh dear.   Among them was an account of a strange happening in Norwish Cathedral ~ aphoto a man took of his wife sitting sadly in a pew and when it was developed THERE WAS A GHOST sitting back-to-back with her !!   Norwich Museum studied the photo and decided the grey figure was wearing the traditional clothes of a Flemish weaver of the 17th century !   I came across the photo the other day but am in two minds about putting it on the blog as it is not my ghost, my story ~ and yet whoever sent it to me 40 years ago was happy for me to include it in the proposed book ~ I must think about it ~ there are so few photos of ghosts it is tempting.