Friends and neighbours

New phones

Georgie's flowers with greenery thinned out.

The new phone came with its three hand sets ~ Barbara is going to install it for me over weekend.   Beverley popped in to ask if I could read Andy's tarot on Monday ~ YES fine, but these days I don't charge for a reading ~ somehow the two don't go together, the tarot and a payment ~ I have enough to live on these days and don't need any more ~ I'm glad that's settled.   Expecting to be paud for a 'psychic' experience is not good ~ to be sure, for yeard and years I HAVE charged for a reading, usually £10, but in those days I bloody well needed the money !   I am very glad to be told that Howard has told Georgie that if there is any way in which money could alleviate her Parkinson's problems not to hesitate to tell him ~ bless him !   I have maligned the poor fellow, I know, but I guess in his own way he was doing his best.

Saturday morning : Georgie and Bill are on their way over so that's nice ~ suddenly realised I stank like a pig ~ sweaty ~ and that in spite of a bath every night before supper and a serious wash in the morning, topping and tailing ~ it might be that I've been so busy cleaning work top up here ready for new phone, and hoovering ~ and with Sainsbury's delivery on the way, sorting out the fridge and then finding homes for groceries ~ but even so !!   Have just had another strip wash and all clean clothes ~ in days gone by I suppose we all smelt like this all the time ~ there is a theory that a smelly body is a sexual attraction but that's hard to believe.   I thought I'd ordered a bag of easy peelers (tangerines) but in fact it seems I'd only ordered ONE ~ rang Alan who would text Kate to ring Georgie on her mobile so hope she will get the message ~ with being housebound, the Sainsbury's delivery is my only shopping !   Come to think of it, I haven't actually been in a shop for three years !   But I manage fine with S's online groceries.   As long as I don't forget anything.

Later : Just watched Part 3 of the Orkney Archaeology programme ~ fascinating ~ my sister Nancy is an archaeologist : Nancy Langmaid : Bristol University and then the Institute of Archaeology in London ~ she has written three archaeology books and is pretty brainy but like so many highly qualified young women MARRIAGE and MOTHERHOOD put an end to her career !

Lovely to see Georgie for an hour ~ caught up with developments regarding her possible early retirement ~ cupas before she went off to meet Bill and set off home.   Had only a brief flop and then Barbara came round and installed the new phone up here with a hand set in the attic for when I'm bathing, and another in the kitchen ~ I don't always hear the phone in the sitting room ~ Barbara is so capable ~ bless her ~ I'd never have fathomed out how to set them up on my own ~ she really is a gem ~ cup of tea and chat and then it was five o'clock and time for my bath and away she went ~ the handsets need to charge up but the main phone is already working.

Sunday morning : gloriously sunny ~ I've had to put the blind down ~ sent copies of documents from Lincoln Record Office to all siblings in case any of them happen to be in the city ~ I'm glad all Dad's published work is now there for all time ~ he deserves it.

I'm feeling terribly frail today though nothing wrong in particular ~ too much excitement yesterday I guess with Georgie and Barbara (delighted as I am to see them) and S's delivery to deal with ~ so pleased to have new phone up here, and extensions in kitchen and attic ~ the others were useless ~ THANK YOU Barbara.


My new screen saver ~ one of Patrick Hughes' rainbows