Anemones ~ gorgeous colour !

My gorgeous new screen saver ~ from a Patrick Hughes post card

Oh blast !  I've managed to delete a full page of text ~ I'd better leave it for tonight before I do anything else stupid !   Wednesday afternoon : pot of sour cream in fridge so made scones earlier and when Mary came down with two excellent pieces of smoked cod, she had a couple ~ she says Sainsbury's reduces all fish at the end of the afternoon ~ wonderful value @ £1 each ~ that is supper taken care of !    Catching up after deleting yesterday's entry ~ Sue came on Monday and among other things, took net curtain in my bedroom down and cleaned the window and fresh net in place ~ wonderful ~ the windows are beginning to worry me ~ maybe she will work her way round ~ this one next and clean curtain.   Last night I ran the bath but let it run too vigorously and by the time I realised there was a tepid bath waiting for me !!  Gave it a miss and tonight I must be more careful ~ I think it is because the boiler is in the shed which means the bath water has a fair journey up to attic ~ as long as it runs slowly the water is piping hot ~ I usually stay up there and keep an eye on it but yesterday I came down for some reason ~ so it was a strip wash instead of a bath.   Another of these programmes about how the middle classes lived and ate, this time in the period between 1910=1919 including of course the war years which were a shock to these people with food scarce and then rationed, and their maid who seemed to do everything for them was called up ~ it is a family of five with two teenaged daughters and their kid brother but so far these girls have not appeared to do anything other than sit around waiting for the next meal ~ and what a lot they were eating ~ four meals a day including a five course evening dinner ~ with no maid the mother suddenly had to take over in the kitchen but always in her posh frock ~ maybe we will have a series on wash days through the ages next ~ it was Barbara told me to watch the series ~ I'm glad she did.   It was Barbara who came on Saturday, as I may have told you, to install the new extension phones ~ such a friend.

Andy came for a tarot reading and as I won't take either MONEY or BOTTLES for my pains, brought me a collection of fossils including a chunk of sandstone with two fossilised shells attached ~ I've had to put it out on the shelf by the steps for now ~ it is too bulky to keep indoors ~ having seen it and photographed it, I should give it back to Andy perhaps ~ it seems unappreciative leaving it out on the yard ~ Andy also gave me one of his many published books on Whitby and district ~ like me, he is particularly interested in ghosts and the supernatural.

I'm so pleased to have put this glorious Patrick Hughes rainbow as screen saver ~ it gives me a surge of delight whenever I turn the computer on ~ I really love his work ~ so many and various rainbows ~ I actually went to an exhibition of his work in London years ago, staying overnight with Dorothy ~ I treated myself to a copy of his book ~ Behind the Rainbow ~ mostly rainbow jokes !

Right, I'll put one piece of Mary's smoked cod in the oven while I have a bath KEEPING A CAREFUL EYE ON FLOW tonight.   Off to Bridlington Eye Clinic in the morning ~ I'm not sure it is worth going many more times ~ my eye sight is so poor.



The very special fossil Andy gave me ~ must ask him more about it