Saunsbury's pain de compagne

One of Patrick Hughes rainbows ~ rainbow paint !!

Window cleaners

two remaining bedroom lights

The window cleaners came yesterday while I was at the Eye Clinic ~ Beverley paid them for me ~ Ellen was here this morning for a chat, and Barbara later, just as I was coming to after my flop ~ she got me registered on line for assessment for cheaper fuel ~ Feb 13th options should come through f I am with E-on who are about to increase their prices by 10% or more so a good moment to switch.

Saturday afternoon : a glorious spring day though cold ~ Barbara has installed this fantastic feature on my computer which allows me to see the harbour and the piers LIVE ~ incredible ~ I can almost recognise people walking about ~ had a look at bedtime and the piers were lit up and boats coming into harbour ~ wonderful ~ I'll have another quick look now . . . right, there are plenty of people on the West Pier strolling about in the sunshine ~ both pier extensions are bathed in bright sunlight ~ this really is fantastic ~ produced by the Yacht Club, I think.

Sainsbury's delivery so well stocked up again ~ such a wonderful help.   I made excellent leek & potato soup at lunchtime so only need a simple supper ~ watercress, toms and fresh cheese  with pain de compagne, peasant-styleup  bread, which I've had before and it is very good though should be eaten on Day One so after supper must cut up what's left to go in freezer..   Email from Brother Bill ~ since they came up here, I feel quite close to them both, Bill and Suzie ~ though chances are they won't get up here again, well not in my lifetime.   This Margaret Forster book 'The Diary of an Ordinary Woman' is brilliant covering as it does one woman's life from ... through the century ~ I'll check the actual dates later.

As usual on Saturday nights, no telly except Ch/4 News at 6.30 and Dad's Army at 8.30.  Window in here is really filthy ~ I might have a go at it myself in the morning.   Time for a bath and then I can carry on reading until supper time ~ in case you haven't seen it on previous entry, I'll give you another of Patrick Hughes stuning rainbows ~ as screen saver, it fairly blows my mind every time I switch on !! Some LIGHT trouble ~ the bulb in the small attic flashes on/off and will not steady and my bedroom light has faded almost to nothing ~there are two other bedroom lights so I'm not in danger of crashing about in the dark ~ probably both bulbs need replacing but can no longer reach them ~ maybe Sue will do it for me on Monday ~ Johnny the Electrical Engineer is at number 3 Bev tells me but don't want to bother him again ~ every time I see him I seem to be asking for help !

Have just checked Barbara's wonderful harbour scene and still people around and warning lights flashing all along both piers ~ star bursts !   Sadly, I can't put this web onto the blog ~ it is something to do with Whitby Yacht Club, well the camera is on the wall of the yacht club, to give sailors an idea of weather conditions, I think she explained ~ brilliant !

In factthanks to the tennis  Dad's Army didn't start until 9.30, but at least it wasn't cancelled.

Still plenty of light in the bedroom