An earlier Spring ~ to think each garden is no bigger than a cottage kitchen ~ the kitchens of the cottages that have been demolished.

Bless her ~ Ellen is coming to replace light bulbs and buying me two of each on the way, 2 screw and 2 bayonet bulbs ~ I am afraid the problem in my bedroom is with the light fixture itself and I must get an electrician to investigate. NO ~ Ellen came in and sorted it out for me, bless her, and the flashing bulb in small attic !    What a relief ~ people seem so capable ~ I wonder whether I used to be capable ~ not in this way.

Monday ~ Sue came and changed the sheets for me ~ and Barbara popped in on her way to the gymn and sorted out flashing light on new phone ~ it was alerting me to recorded messages but we have decided it is best NOT to allow them as I get in such a muddle pressing buttons and all ~ so darned pathetic but there you go !   That's Old Age for you. 

A lovely bright breezy morning and Beverley has washing out on the line ~ that is one of the things I really regret ~ no more washing on my line ~ I simply can't carry it across to the line (all of six paces) and can't reach up to peg it out when I get there !  Nothing like washing that has dried out of doors in the sunshine which smells so deliciously fresh.

Tuesday morning : POURING !   Richard Eshelby rang last night and was intending to come this morning but nobody could garden in this ~ I was afraid I'd offended him in some way as it was October when he was here last but having tidied all our gardens, there is no need to do anything else until March/April ~ I have been a bit worried about him ~ do not wantus to fall out ~ look on him as more than a gardener, as a friend ~ he says he's been so busy, so that's good.   Maybe the rain will ease off later.

Finished the Margaret Forster novel last night ~ one of those books you are enjoying so much you don't want to reach the end ~ she does explain in the AFTERWORD that it is in fact FICTION but it reads as an authentic diary covering the life of Millicent 1901-2000 ~ I see from my reading record that I have read several of her books ~ I must look for another to read next on Kindle.

Richard has just come and after a cup of coffee and a catch-up chat he is out there on the garden ~ at least the rain has eased off !  Because of problems the Doves are having with the council over the sale of their cottage in Blackburns Yard, I am reminded of the dfficulty I had over my small patch of garden ~ I was told I didn't own it and must pay £400 for it or £30 annual rent !   We had a big fight over the matter as they were going to charge each householder the same ~ we couldn't prove we owned the gardens but no more could they prove the council did !  Let me see whether I can find the piece that was in the Gazette about it . . .  ah yes ~ here we are ~ Friday June 17th 1994 ~ I must either pay £30 a year or buy the plot for £400 !   Next thing, the council were trying to get all the other householders in the yard to do the same at which point we staged a noisy placard-waving protest.   Great fun !   And it sounds as if they are up to a similar trick with Chris and Annie which is blocking their move to a sheltered flat on the West Cliff and the sale of their old cottage !

The garden looks splendid after Richard's efforts in the rain ~ he worked in all the other gardens he is responsible for too ~ numbers 3, 4 and 7 as well as mine ~ no wonder this yard regularly wins praise and prizes in Whitby in Bloom ~ it absolutely has to be the best yard of all, and as there are 190-odd yards, that is saying something.   There has been enough sunlight these last couple of days to activate all the solar lights around the yard ~ pure magic !

freshly planted around pentacle !

here under snow you can see the actual size of the garden