last summer's periwinkles

My eye sight is so poor I'm having trouble entering details of new credit card ~ perhaps Barbara will help me ~ have to accept I'm nearly blind !   Thank goodness for the Kindle without which I could not read at all.   Books pop up on it some of which I have started to read before realising they are not up my street ~ must take more care in downloading authors I already know ~ Alexander McCall Smith, Penelope Lively, Margaret Forster and others ~ must not waste time reading rubbish.   I'm actually reading more these days than when I was spending an hour or two each day with The Guardian (though I do miss it).   I've arranged with Peter, Johnny and David that I will pay Richard for the work he did on their gardens on Tuesday, and they can refund me as and when they are next here.

Later : one of my favourite suppers ~ egg pasta with garlic, roast tomatoe, grated cheese and a good handful of chopped parsley ~  I could scoff a bucketful, but plenty left for tomorrow night !   A quiet day ~ Beverley is away and no visitors in holiday cottages ~ I think I'm giving up for tonight to go down and read by the fire until Question Time / Any Questions.  

Thursday morning : it's a marvel I can type at all ~ the words fly all over the screen ~ I've got on well this morning ~ discovered the Dyson was clogged up ~ I must make sure it is emptied every time it is used which means every other Monday after Sue's efforts ~ the blue filter was absolutely disgusting ~ fortunately I have a spare which means that now it's washed I can give it plenty of time to dry before needing it again ~ if it is not completely dry that causes more trouble as dust cakes on it in a big solid lump.   Cleaned all inards out on yard as they were so filthy !!   It is bitterly cold again and now there are flurries of snow.   Expecting that when he comes to remove all the bags of garden rubbish, I can catch Richard to give him the money for the work he did on the other three gardens ~ Peter, David and Johnny will settle up with me next time they are here.

Later : 8.30pm ~ Bwhen I woke from my flop arbara came for a good chat ~ and Richard came for the three payments as arranged ~ mentioned the stair well to him in case weather gets bad, too bad for gardening ~ the stair well is the only area of the house that needs a coat of paint ~ last winter he painted both attic bedrooms and the ceiling in my room ~ it depends on the weather ~ had mugs of tea and good chat.   Sent order to Sainsbury's to be delivered in the morning ~ that's enough for tonight.