Thank goodness ~ thank Richard ~ the fire has come back to life !

Recovered hopefully !

The lovely new light shade ~ bigger and pure white ~ to replace the filthy faded one that has hung there for years.

I seem to be back online though things are still not right ~ this blog has come up half of its normal size and when I press the enlarge button it reduces further ~ looks as if I'll have to get Chris again ~ he must think I'm an idiot ~ my blindness is part of the problem but at least I can get onto emails ~ I was wrestling with the problem till nearly 1.0am when all I needed to do was turn machine right off when it would probably sort itself out ~ as indeed it did !  

Later : cannot increase size of this entry ~ something is wrong ~ thank goodness I sent Chris an email earlier ~ Bev is home from Lincoln and came in for a chat ~ Mary brought a plate of delicious cheese straws ~ we had one each and she took the rest home for John ~ everyone is so kind ~ flurries of snow and dreadfully cold.

Kate rang and she's booked David's cottage (no 4) for the Tthursday, Friday and Saturday nights over half term ~ that will be lovely ~ haven't seen them for months though Kate was here to help over Heritage Weekend ~ they may pick Dan up from York  on the way as cottage sleeps 4 .    Bev will ask John to have a look at my fire tomorrow so that's good ~  your electricians can't be bothered coming for one small job like that ~ it's almost certainly a fuse in plug ~ fortunately Ellen dealt with the light problem last week ~ all these capable friends.

Among other things the email icion has disappeared . . .

Monday morning: Sue was here and cleane study window ~ put clean curtain up ~ Saul Black came to cut toe nails ~ Chris Gill coming around 2pm ~ no sign of Richard yet though he had another job to do first.

9.45pm : very tired so just a brief resume of a very busy day ~ Richard came and after a mug of coffee got going~ first he got fire mended ~ it was a fuse in the plug ~ he went into town for fuses and again later for appropriate bulbs ~ he took down the filthy faded paper lantern on ceiling light which has been there for twenty-plus years and replaced it with the splendid one Georgie gave me ~ larger, a brilliant white and patterned in some way ~ I'll' take picture tomorrow ~ then he started on the stair well and while I (shamelessly) flopped he worked away finishing around 6pm ~ Bev came in to encourage us, Johnny came in offering to fix the problem with the fire but stayed anyway for a chat, Richard's son Jack came in after work to hitch a lift home with his Dad ~ he is doing a building apprenticeship and enjoying it and has matured considerably since I last saw him when he worked with Richard ~ chatty and friendly.   Finally all departed and I wenr up to inspect R's efforts on the stairwell from attic down to kitchen and it looks super ~ it must be 12 or 14 years since it was last done ~ in addition to the walls, he hoovered the exposed stone wall and when he'd finished hoovered the stairs too leaving all clean and bright ~ he is a wonderful wrkman (and a good friend) and seems able to turn his hand to anything !   Chris Gill came soon after 2 and sorted out all problems on the computer ~ Richard had a word with him and intends to get him out to help him on his computer ~ by the time everyone had gone I was totally knackered and after a quick bite nodded off on the sofa but I am so pleased to get the work done ~ apart from this study,which is too cluttered to even contemplare decorating it,  the whole house has now been painted by Richard over the past three years ~ I'm relieved to be able to leave it in good order for the family.

Good news from Will ~ Natie has passed her driving test ~ another of life's hurdles behind her ~ she is 17 still, I think but going-on 18 ~ excellent.   Right ~ dizzy with exhaustion (though I've dne none of the work myself ~ I find people exhausting nowadays, talking !)   I shall go and read by the fire and count my blessings at its recovery ~ although I very rarely switch to the heat mode, over the weekend I've really missed the 'glowing coals' and realistic flames  without which the room has seemed  very dismal and cheerless.

A wonderful improvement