The scrumpuous cauliflower cheese that Mary brought down for me

it's all GO !

Beverley's Lincolnshire plum bread ~ so much kindness

I seem to have been so busy this week, I'm falling behind !  Monday was pretty chaotic as I've already told you ~ as a result of which Tuesday I felt like a zombie and actually flopped before lunch and afterwards !   Barbara came after she'd been to the gymn, and Beverley later but to be honest I achieved very little all day ~ watched that Back in time for Dinner programme which brought us up to the 1930s and then switching to BBC1 a film version which Barbara recommended of the awful case of the mother and uncle who hid their teenaged girl under a sofa while the whole community were searching for her and fearing the worst.

Wednesday : and coming back to life ~ Johnny came to invite me to supper here in my kitchen ~ he'd bring fish & chips and bottle of wine ~ how kind !  Had a very friendly evening though I probably drank too much ~ when we moved back into the sitting room  I felt quite unstable  possibly drunk but nevertheless an unexpected treat and good to learn a whole lot more about Johnny, the owner of number 3 and here for a few days helping John and Richard with the work on the cottage ~ new kitchen, new bathroom etc ~ it's going to be as smart as David's where Johnny is sleeping while he is here.   Another time I'll make him kedgeree ~ my piece de resistance !   I did Johnny a tarot reading which he seemed to find interesting ~ earlier this delightful young man, Dillon had a reading ~ I'm no longer charging for readings but might ask my Querent to do an odd job for me ~ Dillon levered up one of the stepping stones and moved it to a more convenient spot, and he carried a couple of blue bags over and dropped them into the blue (recycling) bin ~ he was quite happy to do this for me ~ I will always try to have an odd job up my sleeve when someone comes for a reading ~ with no payment involved, the reading seems somehow CLEARER ~ purer !

After all that wine, slept so soundly I was not downstairs untl 9am !   During the morning Bev came in and later Chris Dove (who brought me a bar of chocolate) ~ Mary tells me she's making cauliflower cheese tomorrow and will be bringing me a portion ~ she makes very good califlower cheese especially when the cauliflower is scarcely cooked but lovely and crisp ~ something to look forward to !   Friday night : and YES it was as good as ever and the cauliflower still nice and crisp !

I can't be bothered doing any more tonight ~ all being well, I'll catch up tomorrow

Saturday evening ~ No I won't catch up tonight ~ Georgie came over bringing me this huge bunch of white daisies ~ is there anything lovelier than white flowers ?   Had an hour or so and then Bill turned up looking so dapper and friendly chat till they left about 2.30 when almost immediately Lucy turned up ~ I was glad to see her and catch up on her news ~ she goes into James Cook for hernia op next week, poor soul.  As had missed my flop, came over rather limp and after Ch/4 News kept telly on and watched program about the Lake District and then one about the Hebrides before Dad's Army and still not up to much so down to read by fire again.

Georgie's lovely daisies