Marina the octopus ~ a cheerful scrubber !

Annabel's lovely girls

The cheerful celandines Beverley brought me from the market

Oh dear ~ I've done it again ~ closed it down without saving it  and a whole entry lost !   Annabel brought her two lovely grand daughters to see me on their way to meet up with Dave and Barbar and Veronica in the pub ~ Isabella is 16 and Jasmine 12 ~ both very pretty with dark hair and dark eyes ~ their mother is from Peru and they'd been to Peru for Christmas ~ they live near Reading ~ I'm very fond of them and very touched that they come to see me when they are in Whitby ~ they brought me this wacky pot scrubber ~ a smiley octopus ~ at Annabel's suggestion to be known as Marina !   How kind.   Mid afternoon Barbara came for a last chat before she goes off to Scotland for a week.   After a bath, finished Mary's cauliflower cheese which was actually even better than yesterday.   After the hymns, the News and Country File I settled down with this new Kindle title : The Tea Planter's Daughter ~ set in the Jerusalem area in 1900 or thereabouts and following the life of Miriam ... by Dinah Jefferies which does not sound like a middle-eastern name yet story rings as authentic. 

Sue was here earlier to change my sheets ~ such a wonderful help ~ she's coming for a Tarot Reading on Thursday morning ~ she has been studying the cards for a year or more through an online tutor and getting thoroughly confused by all the symbolism ~ I've told her the only way to read them is to read the pictures which are particularly good with the Ryder Waite pack ~ I've never read a single book on the tarot ~ you have to trust your intuition ~ 'read' each picture and trust your intuition.   

Tuesday 3pm : My stars !  Thought I'd had it ~ somehow managed to trip in the sitting room ending up on the floor and could not get back on my feet ~ tried to kneel but quite beyond me ~ shuffled across to the phone on my bum and rang Bev who praise the Lord was there ~ she came straight round and then called for help ~ there were three of them working on Johnny's cottage ~ John came and lifting me under the arms got me up again !   Bev wrtapped me up for a flop and I'm OK now but was quite expecting to have a heart attack !   Going to have an early bath now to recover my wits before making kedgeree for Johnny who is coming for supper ~ to thank him for the fish & chip supper he gave me recently ~ I've already boiled a couple of eggs and rice is soaking prior to cooking so only fish to poach and parsley to chop ~ God Almighty ~ I must be more careful ~ I will ask Johnny to carry this enormous cushion up to the attic out of the way ~ it was supposed to make up for the saggy sofa, 40 years old if a day !   It was the first thing I bought after our divorce ~ it's done/doing pretty well so far !

Thank you Beverley and John ~ I imagined I'd still be sitting there when Johnny turned up for supper !   Terrifying how helpless I felt !   That's Old Age for you !  

 Wednesday morning ~ had good supper and friendly evening with Johnny ~ excellent kedgeree served with small green beans ~ enough left for tonight.  He carried frightful sofa booster up to the attic out of the way ~ that was a big mistake ~ I hoped it would add height to the sofa and softness which it did but looked a total mess and always sliding off ~ the sofa has done pretty well ~ I got it within days of our move to North View with the £300 Georgie Jenkinson left me from that posh furniture store on Jewry Street just before you got to the library ~ it's done well and fits perfectly the wall space here along far wall in front of that alcove and should see me out !   Bless you, Johnny !

I've been suffering from serious B>O ~ the last few days since my pink Mum anti perspirant stick ran out and I've been using the BLUE one I've stunk like a pig ~ the daily bath was not enough ~ yesterday for instance, with Johnny coming for supper, I washed arm pits and  changed my t shirt three times, and that was between lunch and 6pm ~ how disgusting ~ of course we must all have smelled like pigs in days gone by, and not THAT long ago ~ thankfully found I still had  this thie CRYSTAL STICK 'pure mineral salts'  which I must have bought years back after a Civic Society lecture on the dangers of some deoderants ~ print is very small but let me see if I can make out the ingredient ~ alum I seem to remember it is, probably from out local ALUM mines up the coast ~no, I can'r read the information on it ~ I'll look it up on Google ~ whatever, it certainly works and I can seriously say that this morning I smell as sweet as freshly bathed baby ~ I was horrified at the sweaty stench !!  YES ~ Google tells me ALUM is a traditional natural deoderant ~ I must find out where to buy it.

Thank Gawd for deodorants !