Kate and family at the Magpie a couple of years ago

Kate and her lot

8.30pm : Sue was here this morning for a Tarot Readin which seemed very positive and I hope it helped her ~ she brought fresh Botham scones already lavishly buttered on which we spread the tiny pot of apricot jam Bev gabe me yesterday ~ delicious ~ knowing Kate and Alan and Doug were on the way over from Heptonstall, I had an early flop but only managed ten minutes and here they were ~ they are staying in David's cottage (no 4) and after a quick cuppa went down to get settled in : they are absolutely thrilled with it ~ super !   And this way, while popping up and down whenever they like, they are nevertheless independent ~ perfect !   Perfect for all of us, I think.  They are staying till Sunday and  Dan is hoping to come over from York on the bus for their last day ~ so good to see them ~ Alan looking very handsome in an off-white pullover, Doug so tall and handsome, and Kate are dear old self.   

I was telling them about the business with the little clock on kitchen shelf ~ I honestly was beginning to think something spooky was happening the way I've twice caught the hands  whizzing round in the middle of the night through the full twelve hour cycle, but Alan noticed it is radio controlled and I must be catching it as radio action takes place ~ a shame it is so mundane ~ this could mean many of my stories about the supernatural have equally mundane explanations ~ apart from my ghost ~ there can be no other explanation for him !   

10pm and I can't do any more tonight ~ the family have just gone down to no.4 ~ we've been drinking white wine all evening and I feel a bit sozzled ~ Alan says there is Question Time as usual in spite of two by-elections today ~ hope I'll recover my wits by 10.45 ~ it's so good having them here and all so friendly and Dan coming on the bus tomorrow ~ great !

Saturday morning and Georgie just rang to say they are coming over too ~ lovely ~ if I feel overwhelmed they can go down to no.4 !