Richard's freshly planted pots

Indian take-away

Parsnip bake with pepper and onion topping

Well ~ another invitation from Johnny ~ this time for an Indian take-away tomorrow evening ~ how kind he is !  Sue was here, and later Ellen who was really interested in the Halifax Piece Hall and mighjt even have a trip over there !  Bev was going to come for a reading as her life is falling apart now that Eileen is selling her cottage and she (Beverley) will have to find another place ~ agent is coming to value property today ~ we are all so curious as to why Eileen needs to sell it, and immediately.

Richard was here yesterday afternoon replanting all the flower pots out on the yard ~ he'll find time to sand paper and re-oil my bench, the front door and the door of the shed.  David and Alison looked in briefly, and Beverley earlier.   Tom & Mary made an offer on her cottage but £150,000 wasn't enough though you might think an instant sale would be worth a slight reduction in price.   Oh dear . . . 

The book I'm reading is interesting ~ about Palestine in the early years of the 20th century ~ not the sort of thing I would normally choose ~ it popped up on Kindle and I am deep into the lives of this Christian Arab community ~ the girls were invariably married off almost as soon as they reached puberty but the heroine is digging in and in spite of considerable pressure from her family intends to get a higher education.

A glorious spring morning though nippy ~ a problem with the hand-held hoover ~ having emptied it, I'd fixed it back together badly ~ Sue took it down to John and Johnny working at no.3 and one of them managed to fix it.

Thursday morning : Mike brought my BP pills and migraleve from Boots ~ glorious again ~ Johnny is coming to supper again tonight this time bringing an Indian take-away which I'm afraid might be more expensive than fish and chips ~ I would have invited him here one night next week but he starts a new job on Monday so will leave no.3 in capable hands of John and his brother ~ can't get over his friendliness over our shared suppers.   These days I get so tired by lunch time, I can scarcely wait to snuggle down on the sofa with hot water bottle and rug !   Yesterday Barbara came and got me onto the cheaper energy company ~ switchng from E-on to First Utlity which willl save me over £300 p.a. ~ from £1,962 - £1,630 so that is well worth it!   Thank you, Barbara ~ my eye sight is , I was not up to doing the transaction myself.  In case you are wondering how I can run up such bi g bills, it is mostly GAS ~ I'm always so cold ~ it is thanks to all these allowances I get that I can put the heating on whenever I feel the need ~ marvellous ! 

Oh ~ Kate says that while there were 300 sales outlets in Piece Hall, nowadays there are probably only fifty or so ~ the tiny units have been combined, 3 or 4 together.   Georgie is off work with back trouble, a fortnight on sick ~ I go wish she could get early retirement ~ surely in her condition she is entitled to it ~ after 40 years with North Humberside CC ~ her whole life.   My poor darling Georgie !


pansies and solar lights

the large barrel by the door