Georgie in her new kitchen ~ before moving to Driffield from Hull

Me and my Georgie ~ long long ago!

Supper with Johnny

colourful mats on the landing

The two new rugs have arrived ~ one blue and the other pink and fluffy ~ for now they are in the first floor loo where there were only old threadbare scruffy baty mats (which I'm throwing away) ~  are face down until they flatten out ~ picture later.   Have had a bath and as no cooking tonight thanks to Johnny's treat I can flop on the sofa and read ~ lovely !

Friday morning : made a good start and did lots of small useful chores  ~ great evening with Johnny ~ he phoned Indian take-away from the kitchen and we sat there with glasses of wine until food was delivered ~ chicken and rice with all kinds of extras ~really delicious ~ hope it didn't cost a lot more than fish & chips ~ a real treat ~ and having provided the meal he then washed up !   Sat chatting by the fire for an hour finishing the wine and he went off about 9pm ~ these elegant dinners are such a treat and I feel we are becoming good friends, Johnny and I.   He is encouraging me to get a whhel chair ~ I believe I could get one on NHS ~ but where on earth could I keep it ?   "L'd take you out when I'm here ~ out along the pier ~ across to the shops . . . " and he even worked out where it could go in the kitchen ~ "They fold up quite neatly . . . "   How kind, how helpful, bless him !

Georgie is off work with back trouble ~ hope it is not another feature of her bloody Parkinson's, my poor lamb.   At least a fortnight's sick leave should be a blessing ~ I do wish the NHCC would get on with granting her early retirement ~ she is not well enough to be working full time like this, having to get up at 6.30 and drive over to Beverley to get there for 8.30am.   She's had more than her share of problems without this.

  There are Parkinson's druga available but they only help for ten years so she has been advised to hang on for now ~ but there could well be new drugs before the ten years are up ~ once I've gone, both will and Kate have promised to keep an eye on their sister as things get worse ~ oh hell ~ how painful it is to write that.

On a more mundane note, I've rearranged all the rugs up here ~ on landind, loo, and in the attic ~ it looks good ~ I'll take photos later.   Mozart playing as I type ~ heavenly.   I've only just cottoned on to the purpose of the 'wheel' thing on the mouse ~ it certainly simplifies things.