Richard's freshly oiled front door ~ he is such a hard worker ~ gardener first but will turn his hand to anything.

The new over-door storage pockets ~ £8 from Amazon ~ I'd held on to the other as it was ~ faded and floppy ~ for twenty-odd years !

The rainbow ribbons back at the door after winter in the attic

Mystery of the bones

and the freshened up shed door


While the agent was here to  give Eileen a valuation on number 5, Bev came in and tells me that John working in the cellar of Johnny's cottage (no.3), BONES and TEETH were found between the stones in the wall ~ not human bones but large bones and very large teeth !  John is taking them to the Museum or asking one of the archaeologists to come down and give an opinion ~ the bones and teeth are imbedded in the stone work !   Those cottages lower down the yard are much older than mine and go back as far as the early 1600s ~ two of them were almost certainly demolished in 1750 for Jonathan Sanders to build this house.    Bones and teeth !   Was some animal buile into the wall ?   A live animal ?  A sacrifice to keep evil spirits away !

Sue was here to change my bedding  ~ she brought down the rod of ribbons from the attic to hang at the front door through the summer ~ it must be twenty summers or more since I first hung the dowling rod there and the ribbons themselves are as bright as ever ~ in spite of hanging in blazing sun they have not faded at all.   Incredible.

Later : Madness at my time of life, but all my t-towels are so old and threadbare that they are wringing wet after drying one plate so have just ordered a pack of 12 catering quality ones from Amazon ~ should see me out.   Seems a shame to chuck the others out but ...

Tuesday morning : glorious again ~ at least I can sit out on the bench with a mug of coffee getting a bit of fresh air and sunlight.   Can't stop thinking about the animal remains found in the cellar of no.3 ~ the poor thing could have been entombed alive ~ probably it was a dog as large teeth among the other bones.   It must mean those cottages at the bottom of the yard go back centuries ~ I'm thankful I haven't got a cellar.  There is tell of a frightful landslide in  which swept away or demolished everything on this side of Church Street ~ perhap the surviving cellars are actually the original floors, kitchen floors, of numbers 2, 3 and 4 ~ buried under 8' of mud and debris ~ in other words possibly far older than 1604/5 .

Wednesday morning ~ Sainsbury's delivery at 9.45 ~ driver Pete ~ several substitutes and 4 pack of loo rolls 'unavailable and no substitute' ~ odd ~ but half an hour later Pete came back with 4-pack of Andrex quilts ~ He'd phoned S's in disbelief and been told to get me the similar item from the store ~ incredibly helpful.  It takes me the best part of an hour sorting out fridge and freezer before putting groceries away ~ I always think that should keep me going for weeks, but NO ~ in ten days or so I need to give a fresh order ~ bread and milk are the main things ~ as long as I have enough of those I am OK ~ with eggs, cheese, yoghurts and veg ~ wonderful that I can order whatever I need (together with a few extras ~ biscuits, raspberry conserve) with no worry about state of my bank account.

Once again MBNA credit card payment is due but I cannot access my account ~ either user name or password is unacceptable ~ next time Barbara drops by I'll see if she can help me ~ she is pretty smart on the computer.

Budget Day ~ how come a pretty acurate analysis of contents of Philip Hammond's speech ALREADY on Today programme ~ this seems to happen more and more ~ "he is expected to say . . . "  

Such a busy afternoon ~ Richard came and oiled the bench, the front and shed doors ~ all looking great.   Bev came in and helped me with computer problem and later Barbara came and spent an hour up here sorting out my MRNB  account ~ marvellous ~ poor Bev is shattered at the prospect of looking for somewhere else to live now that Eileen is selling number 5 ~ thank goodness all my family own their houses ~ renting is so precarious ~ you are pretty well at the mercy of the landlord ~ not that Eileen is taking this step lightly ~ she is nearly as upset as Bev ~ we can only guess that her son in Australia is in serious financial trouble.   Pasta for supper and after such a busy day, fell asleep on the sofa watching Jon Snow's News ~ it is international Women's Day and nearly every programme on Radio4 has made a special effort.   My hands are quite chapped tonight ~ will switch off and go down and maybe watch The House of Winsor though I'm by no means a royalist !

    I'll take pictures of Richard's handiwork in the morning.



and ditto the elegant bench which the children gave me for my 75th birthday