Smoked hassock for supper and a gift of onions !

Another glorious Spring Day

Good supper ~ smoked haddock with spud and curly kale ~ BLACK curly kale !   I'll give you the proper name for it tomorrow ~ almost black, very curly and tasty.  Kate rang and at last they have found a man to repair their  roof and do other jobs on the house ~ I was quite worried when she told me how many problems they had but could not persuade anyone to come and do the work.   She tells me there is an interesting article about Peggy (Angus) and Furlongs, the shepherd's cottage on South Downs above Glynde which she rented for sixty years or so ~ must ask her for title of magazine and the article ~ Furlongs certainly was something !  Howard's birthday on 15th and family are all gathering at his place and he'll take them for a pub lunch.   Just popped out to dustbin in the dark and could hear John on his guitar in Bev's place ~ she was cooking him a special caserole and came in to borrow a suitable container for it ~ I gave her a few carrots, and Mary had a sackful of onions for only £1.50 so she was distributing them among us ~ lovely firm onions.   Hope I can keep going until Any Questions . . . 

Friday afternoon : have just reorganised two drawers of t-towels and sorted out a dozen old ones for the Charity Shop next time I phone them to collect a bag of stuff ~ this was made necessary as I ordered a dozen new towels from Amazon to replace threadbare ones most of which I have had for years ~ twenty years and more.  Ellen came in earlier with details of the flat she would like to move to ~ in a large elegant mansion with wide lawns and well kept gardens ~ yet within walking distance of town.   No sign of Bev today ~ hope she is OK as she comes to terms with being evicted, poor lass.  The first daffs out on my bit of garden and dozens more to come.  I keep reading "Daughters" a very long Kindle title, a family saga of four generations of Arabian women.

Yesterday was Natie's 18th birthday ~ she has just passed her driving test and is predicted by the school to do exceptionally well in her A Levels ~ she hopes to get onto a course which will give her a degree and Chartered Accountancy qualifications !

Saturday morning : hoovered the corner under the dressing table which was a disgrace ~ box of envelopes John bought for Civic Society programmes etc and was flapping the dust off them on the bench when Mary came by and took the lot with shouts of glee ~ she had brought me down a helping of lasagne AND a little pot of strawberries dipped in choclate !!  Npw time for a flop ...

The freshly oiled (teak oil) shed door ~ thank you Richard

Can you believe it ! Because S's could not deliver 4-pack of loo rolls, the driver came back later with this pack that he'd bought from the local store !! And charged to Delivery service