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Strawberries and Lasagne

lovely new t-towels to replace a dozen threadbare ones

Mary brought me a good helping of very tasty lasagne which I had for my lunch with a couple of black cabbage leaves ~ and a small pot of strawberries dipped in chocolate which I'm saving for later.   No sign of Beverley today ~ hope she is OK ~ I'll send her an email later.   Chilly and dull ~ the cloud has not lifted all day ~ reading this interesting book about an apple farm in deepest Ohio in the 1930s ~ the mud and the poverty ~ the narrator has borne ten children five of whom have died over the years of swamp fever ~ it reminds me of that frantic story of ) a girl married to (was it) a tomato farm at the same date ~ bugger, what was it called ~ everybody was reading it.   No doubt I'll remember in the middle of the night ~ back then I had not started keeping a record of everything I read.   Maybe I can find it on Google.

Oh ~ yes, that's it :"THE EGG AND I"  by Betty MacDonald ~ it suddenly came to me in the bath ~  published in 1945 ~ not tomatoes but about life on a Chicken Farm in the 1920s !   Horrifying and hilarius ~ it does not seem to be avalable on Kindle and my eye sight is too feeble to read it otherwise.   Do you remember it ?   If you were too young to have read it then, there are several paperback options available on Amazon ~ well worth a read.

Sunday and a glorious sunny afternoon ~ all the family are with Howard for his birthday though I don't know about Richard ~ Howard's is on the 15th and my brother David's was on the 14th ~ both would be 85 ~ Rachel's John has a birthday now and he too is 85.   After all Barbara's efforts I still can't get into my BT account ~ the password is the problem again ~ infuriating.   I've got the lovely disk playing Ely Cathedral Choir singing Will Your Anchor Hold and other sea shanties with HENRY FREEMAN our famous Whitby life boat man on the cover who lived in this very house in the 1880s ~ I'll attach pic. Later ~ thank goodness have somehow got onto my BT account ~ Barbara would scarcely believe how I could get in a muddle after all her wonderful efforts !   Praise the Lord !

lblack cabbage ~ crisp and tasty

Henry Freeman ~ the only survivor of a disaster at sea in which not only the crew of the stricken vessel but all the other life boat men were lost ~ he was saved by the cork life jacket he was trying