Nothing gives me more pleasure than a clothes horse of fresh ironing.

Thank you Tom

A fresh screen saver ~ Eric Ravilious's bread and wine

Tom came and brought this enormous thing down from the attic ready for the Heart Shop ~ I thought it was a good idea, that it would help to boost my saggy (40 year old) sofa but in fact it was just a bloody nuisance ~ indeed I slid off it a couple of weeks ago which was when I discovered no way could I get back onto my feet and had to shuffle to the phone on my bum and ring Bev to come to my aid ~ she immediately fetched John who was working at number 3 and holding me under my arms he managed to lift me up ~ it is a depressing aspect of growing old ~ no longer being able to do the simplest things.   Almost immediately a fellow came from the Heart Charity Shop and took it away along with a dustbin bag full of other stuff !  Wonderful !

Lucy came yesterday afternoon looking very pretty in yellow jersey and we had a good frank discussion about lovers and life ~ sometimes she simply groans on but this relationship has done her a power of good ~ I think her problem was that she felt no-one had ever loved her which would be painful ~ it seemed to make her feel inadequate which of course is rubbish.

Some of my friends boast that they never do any ironing ~ actually I quite like ironing, especially with the radio on (radio 4) and I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from the fresahly ironed things airing by the Aga ~ 1.15 am and I must just sort out the fridge before sending an order to Sainsbury's . . . 

Sunday morning : a long friendly email from Mary in Jersey ~ fortunately when she married Clifford she did not sell her cottage and has settled happily back into it ~ between us, the four of us Proctor girls, we have managed six divorces ~ and produced ten children ~ Daddy said to me once, "Where did we go wrong with you girls, that all your marriages have broken down ?"   But I thought it was a sign of strength that we were none of us prepared to tolerate second rate relationships.   A generation earlier and there probably would have been no choice : Till death us do part . . . and all that.

Astonished to see how my readership is growing ~ this week for instance simplesite tell me I had 1131 hits ~ not readers obviously as one or two of them may be clicking on my blog two or three times a week ~ but still pretty amazing ~ and I've course I've no idea WHO these readers are or HOW they stumbled across me !   The total numberof readers on this my second blog is 63, 548   and if we include the first blog the number to date is 360, 128 ~ all this without any kind of publicity or self promotion ~ from the start, I've simply written it and left it to fate if anybody actually reads it !

Later : Such a lovely spring day and I've ventured no further than the dustbin ~ I'll make a mug of tea and sit out on the bench with it ~ I can't say what's wrong with me ~ it's just I feel so frail ~ in bed I very often get twitchy feet and the only cure seems to be to go downstairs, make a cup of tea, and read for a while ~ I don't read in bed these days ~ I need the powerful light ~ a Serious Reader standard lamp by the sofa.   How pathetic !!

I do love parsley and I do love this little blue jug