Bread and Wine by Eric Ravilious

Bright and Breezy

The new mat on landing from iRugs ~ hope it is not too floppy to be safe

Each day I aim to do one thing more than the regular chores ~ slowly, slowly I'm working my way through the house ~ it's amazing how much junk can accumulate ~ over 29 years, don't forget !  I have recently being concentrating on the doors  ~ not counting the front door, three on each floor ~ doing one a day, I've sponged them down, given them a good rub with O'Cedar oil and polished them up ~ my annual door care chore ~ all done for another year. 

Monday afternoo :  telly broke down last night half way through the Antiques Road Show ~ screen dissolved into snowstorm ~ this morning phoned Peter Little who quickly put it right but also showed Bev what had happened so that next time she might be able to fix it for me ~ the same problem has occurred several times.  Sue was here with good news of a windfall ~ so glad for her ~ it is soul destroying hanging on by your finger tips ~ miracles do happen.   Barbara popped in on her way home from the gym so quite a busy morning ~ lunch time Tom brought me a pot of potatoes in garlic sauce ~ very tasty and some left for tomorrow.   The new runner for the landing came and it is very handsome as long as I don't trip over it on my way to the loo in the night ~ moved heavier lime green one up to top landing.

A friendly email from Charlie who had met Will and Agi in Cambridge on Saturday and enjoyed it ~ that's good, Uncle William doing his bit.  After glorious day, now at 5pm getting chilly ~ I'll save the bath till after supper for a change, after Jon Snow's News.

Tuesdai morning and glorious again ~ I've started this novel that Barbara recommended ~ The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton ~ set in 17th century Amsterdam and promising ~ I'm very happy with the new runner on the landing which looks great against the fitted navy carpet ~ so long as I don't trip over it but I am very aware of the danger and taking care.  It lies flat and thanks to its rough texture does not creep about as the other one did

Wednesday pm : Sue came to help me clean the high shelf which was about an inch thick with dust ~ quite disgusting though it is only about six months since I climbed on the table to do it myself ~ nobody believes it of course but it is something to do with the Aga which draws dust to it ~ the dust was certainly thicker at the Aga end of the shelf but still shameful even if I'm the only one who knows it's there !   It meant Sue was up the step ladder or even standing on the table passing all the jugs down for me to wash while she cleaned the actual shelf ~ made a big decision and threw out all jam jars of beans, lentils, rice etc washing out the jars for recycling and tipping combined contents into the dustbin which seems a wicked waste (thinking of the starving Africans) but nowadays I have supplies of all these dry goods nearer to hand.   Earlier Tony Swift came and checked the grandfather clock which has been stopping erratically recently, and oiling it ~ he reckons to come once a year ~ pretty important to keep it in good condition and he only charges £30 ~ his wife Pat usually comes with him but he was on his own today.  Quite chilly now and I'm glad of my cosy fleece jersey.   Sorted out all storage boxes in kitchen and was able to reduce the number significantly ~ very useful.

Thursday ~ sorted out all the files in here ~ was able to throw a fair amount of stuff out and rationalise the rest.   Georgie rang and she's hoping Bill will bring her over on Saturday ~ she can still drive but not this far.   In the evening Johnny came for a chat over a glass of wine ~ he is trying to persuade me to get a wheel chair ~ not an electric one but one friends could push me round in ~ I'm thinking about it but it does seem a mike stone ~ needing one.   A very noisy Question Time following incident on Westminster Bridge yesterday in which four people were killed and dozens injured by an Islamic fanatic mowing them down as he drove along the pavement including knifing one of the policemen guarding the Palace of Westminster ~ the attacker was shot dead/.

Friday morning : sat out on the bench in the sun with Bev and Chris Gill and Ellen with Johnny and Tom amd Mary and their son coming and going ~ all so friendly in the spring sunshine.   Rose brought me down a generous plate of pork and savouries last night, and a piece of her brother's birthday cake, Mary's special ~ chocolate cake with coffee icing ~ I'd already eaten at the time so have a jolly good meal in the fridge for tonight ~ Johnny just came to tell me he has arranged for two whel chairs to come this afternoon so that I can decide which would be best ~ storage is going to be a problem even though he assures me both fold neatly away ~ sounds like a mile stone, acknowledfging the need for a wheel chair but I really appreciate Johnny's concern for my health  and happiness ~ heart warming ! 

ah-ha ~ here come the daffodils . . .