The plan of our little house in North View

the new mat beside the rocking chair ~ my reading station


Yesterday my annual royalties came from ALCS ~ Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society ~ I registered with them after Daddy died as he'd left me the royalties from all his books (mostly published in Sweden in the thirties, forties and fifties) ~ then I registered my own novels (Solitaire 1996 and Nine Men's Morris,2005) both self-published, I'm ashamed to admit, though really quite good novels ~ once a year ALCS distribute royalties among us all ~ this time £121.04 on each of my accounts, my own and Daddy's ~ the money is said to accumulate from reading fees from all libraries at home and abroad ~ instead of checking how many times my books have been borrowed, and everyone elses,When I told her about it  they simply divide the amount raised between all of us ~ a very nice little annual windfall.  When I told her about ALCS, my friend   Annie (Anthea Dove) signed up too ~ at 87 she has just finished her 14th book and all of them properly published !   And John Stephen, a retired GP down in Wells registered all his medical books too so that's nice !

Checking the numbers that have read my blog this week I find it was 1619 ~ quite the largest number to date, bringing the total for that first one to 361,771 !   Amazing though I've no idea who my followers are !    That was the first blog which ran from xxxx   xxxx (I'll check later) while the numbers for this second blog are already 64,368 with 829 hits this week alone ~ interesting to see that people are still reading the FIRST blog which has not been added to since xxxx (I'll look that date up too)

I've just done the ironing listening to Weekend Woman's Hour ~ interesting as always.  Found the plan of our North View house in Winchester had fallen out of the alcove onto the sofa ~ odd !  It's never done that before ~ I don't think I can reach over to put it back so will have to wait for a tall visitor (such as Johnny's friend Darren) ~ I've given it a good dust out on the yard.   That was a dear little house ~ in a very modest Victorian terrace ~ two up, two down and basement !   I suppose it might be seen as quite a come-down after Quarry Road, but I think we weere happy there, the remnants of the family ~ Will and Kate and me.

Georgie was full of cold so didn't come but she's been signed off sick for another month so perhaps Bill will bring her over in the week ~ as the Parkinson's takes hold, it may turn out that she doesn't have to go back to work at all ~ poor darling girl.  Haven't had a go in the wheel chair yet and feel both nervous and self-conscious about it.   Now lert me have a quick bath before supper . . . 


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