Mothering Sunday blessings

Mothering Sunday

Have spoken to all the children to thank them for cards and hand cream and chocs and fruit jellies ~ how lucky I am.   Let me take a photo . . .

Annie's 96th birthday but no way can I drag myself round to Greens Yard with a card ~ I look down into her kitchen over the garden wall but there is no light on, no sign of life, though there is still a light left on on the landing through the night which must mean she is still there ~ Annie's husband was founder of Parker Marine ~ her daughter Doreen lives one side of her, her daughter Jean the other side ~ funny having all your family bunched around you ~ I remember how horrified Annie was when she realised my family are scattered ~ it seemed so unnatural to her.

Tuesday afternoon : Another of these glorious bright days ~ Ellen came, and Bev and after lunch Annabel ~ such good friends.   Sainsbury's delivery and instead of ordering one doughnut I managed to order a bag of five ~ gave john one and had one mtself, but everybody is either on a diet or diabetic ~ I'll have to freeze the others though it may not work ~ they are absolutely scrumpuous with generous raspberry jam and rolled in sugar ~ probably deadly but so good.   Phone call from my sister Helen's step-daughter Elin who is in Whitby for the week with partner and six week old Jessie ~ they are coming to see me in the morning ~ Elin came a few years back with a couple of friends ~ I think her parents have a holiday cottage in Whitby.

I've just finished this story of Amsterdam in the 1600s with a very painful ending ~ "The Miniaturist" by Jessie Burton ~ I must see whether she has written other novels. 

Wednesday afternoon : A happy visit from Elin and her new baby, Jessie ~ I'd forgotten how tiny they are at this age ~ PMQs and then Theresa May's Brexit statement ~ slept till gone 3pm but a chatty visitor always exhausts me ~ Chris Dove came in to say farewell ~ at last they are moving, on Friday, after months of delays and legal wrangles ~ it must have taken it out of them both at their times of life (89 and 87) so hope they actually make it to the sheltered flat they have bought over on the West Cliffe ~ hope we can still keep in touch ~ they are such good friends.

I'm using the hemp hand cream Kate gave me and it does work wonders with dry cracked hands.  In the end, not finding anyone to share the doughnuts apart from John, I had one myself and put the others in the freezer though it didn't say anything about freezing them ~ don't suppose they can come to much harm.  No sunshine today, dull and muggy.   I've another piece of smoked fish for supper ~ kedgeree I think.