Mary has two little sheep

One of the Eric Ravilious pictures of Furlongs

Our Aunt Peggy, artist and a true original Peggy Angus

On "The House of Windsor" program last night which focused on Prince Charles, Jon Snow recalled how years ago he got this phone call : "Hello ~ this is Prince Charles . . . "  Oh, yes ~ and I'm the Pope, he replied ~ but it was the Price who was anxious to find a way to give his life meaning, rather than waiting around for his other to die !

I was late up this morning and not down stairs before 9.0am ~ and I'm being rather slow ~ maybe I'm hungry ~ I'll make some lunch in a mo ~ it is tomorrow that the Doves finally move to their  sheltered flat on the West Cliffe ~ various members of their family are going to be here to help ~ when Christopher called in to say goodbye yesterday he seemed to have shrivelled up somehow ~ I guess the drawn out difficulties over the move are wearing him down ~ it is all of nine months since they put their old cottage on the market and it sold very quickly but the council have been challenging their right to the bit of pavement in front of the property !

Georgie has been waiting to start taking Parkinson's medication for which she had to have the specialist's authorisation ~the prescription finally came through on Monday but with a warning that it could cause epileptic fits ~ as Georgie has been on epilepsy drugs for twenty years she tried to speak to her GP to check but was passed from one to another and none the wiser . . .

 Friday afternoon : mug of coffee out on bench with Bev ~ later Ellen came ~ Mary called me down to admire the newcomers to the yard ~ two sheep ~ took thei photos but now cannot fimd them in my pictures ~ and yet I took some and afterwards~ maybe the camera's barttery is flat though there were no warnings about this ~ Ellen took some more on my phone ~ I'll ask Mary to send some down ~ her life-sized orange sheep ~ their garden behind the house gers steadily wackier.  A lovely day for Chris & Annie's move and several of their family are here to help them.

Still no sign of life in the other Annie's kitchen, Annie-over-the-wall (96) ~ I must phone her daughter Jean and find out what is happening.   Message from Johnny ~ have I been out in his wheel chair yet ~ I must make the effort over weekend ~ I feel uncomfortable asking someone to push me round.   Johnny's cottage (no.3) is finished at last and ready for his first visitors tomorrow ~ although Suzie assures me she and Bill were perfectly OK in it last October, it must have been quite scruffy ~ maybe I can tempt them up here again, maybe with their grand daughters ~ that would be nice and cottage in tip=top condition.

Bev took a birthday card to post for me, for Nancy's birthday on Sunday ~ one of the Eric Ravilious pictures of Peggy's cottage on the South Downs, 'Furlongs'   The summer Rita and Rachel and I camped above the cottage beside the dry dewpond we took way too much stuff with us ~ I mean we should have taken only what we could carry on our backs, and our bikes but Rachel's mother insisted we send a heavy cabin trunk full of equipement luggage in advance including a pastry board and rolling pin, for Christ's sake !   A pastry board !   To camp !   As a vicar's wife, (Brislington Vicarage, Bristol)  poor Auntie Helen obviously had fixed ideas about what was what on Sundays !   Incredible how we went along with it ~ Peggy must have thought we were crazy ~ a PASTRY BOARD !   We could hardly walk up to Furlongs from Glynde station we were so heavy laden and had to borrow a trolley from the station master ~ pushing it up there nearly killed us, and then we had to drag the trolley back once we were safely there !   Can't think what my mother thought of such goingd-on ~ she and her sisters (Peggy and Leny) had been great campers in the Highlands in their day, taking the steamer up from London Docks and certainly travelling light.

I hope Elin will send me a picture of her darling Jessie ~ I had forgotten quite how tiny babies are at that age ~ six weeks.  Kate gave me a tube of HEMP ointment ~ well, handcream really ~ but I've used it on another problem (never mind what) which has plagued me recently and it seems to have worked ~ praise the Lord ! Ah ~ at last I've found the picture od Tom & Mary's sheep ~ thought I was losing my wits ~ so with a sigh of relief, time for a bath before supper !   Every time I click onto my emails I am being encouraged to "register for marriage allowance" ~ might give it a try !    In spite of gorgeous afternoon fog horn bellowing out every few minutes.

Saturday morning : Georgie's just rung ~ Bill's bringing her over later ~ lovely ~ S's deluvery due in a mo ~ I always forget at least one item ~ this week, those kind-of wire wool pan scrapers but Georgie says she'll pick some up en route.   Quite glorious again and after months in my cosy fleece trousers, today I'm back into (rather threadbare) cords ~ the grey pair to start with ~ will write to Nancy for her birthday tomorrow ~ hemp cream still working well though I probably smell as if I'm on drugs.

A farewell party for Peggy up at the dry dew pond where we'd camped, Rachel, Rita and me, years earlier

The red calf in which Peggy's ashes and those of her son Angus who had died years earlier were sent off to the next life on a camp fire at the dry dewpond