Georgie's freezias ~~ ~such a delicate blue

My sister Nancy's birthday

Almost twins ~ Stephen and Nancy with a friend

Was so pleased to see my Georgie yesterday ~ thank you Bill for driving her up from Driffield ~ sadly, the bloody Parkinson's is getting a hold and she is very tired and shakey ~ I do hope the North Humberside CC will organise her early retirement now ~ she has been off work sick for several weeks and says herself there is no way she could go back full-time ~ she has been with NHCC since she came back from Australia at 19 ~ all of 40 years ago ~ oh dear, oh dear !

She brought me these gorgeous freesias ~ as the buds open I see they are a delicate shade of blue ~ lovely ~ and an Easter Eg but that is tocked away in the attic for now.

Amazingly, Keith the plumber came this morning to sort out my radio-control for the central heating ~ not that I'll need the heating on much longer but it seemed to have gone berserk ~ I'd certainly made it worse, messing about with all the knobs trying to put matters right ~ imagine !   He got my message yesterday afternoon when he was over in Halifax visiting his old Mum ~ one of 13 children of a boat builder whao had died in his forties almost certainly as a result of the dangerous materials he was working with ~ lead and stuff ~ unprotected/

Of the seven of us, Nancy is next sister down from me ~ I was probably about eight when she arrived ~ David, Joy, Stephen, Nancy ~ those two were so near together and so alike they might have been twins ~ Nancy was always brainy ~ she and Mary went to Christ's Hospital  andafter University she trained as an Archaeologist and had two or three books published in that field ~ she and Philip had two daughters, Julia and Jessica, both now out in Australia with their families ~ although we have not always seen eye to eye (but then which siblings have !!) Nancy and I have been good friends and more than once she has taken me off on an adventure ~ once driving us down to Lustleigh in Devon where we were all evacuated during the War and where my parents had lived when David and I were the only ones ~ another time, knowing that I had been corresponding with Lucy Boston, Nancy drove us up to stay overnight in Cambridge on our way to Hemingford Gray ~ when our parents got too old to cope on their own, they moved to Somerton to be near Nancy who kept a loving eye on them for their last years ~ Mother lived to within a fortnight of her 102nd birthday.   Nancy and Reg still live in Somerton where at times she has been on the Parish Council not to mention her years in Education ~ I only seem to have one of her books here ~ a Shire Archaeology title : "Bronze Age Metalwork in England and Wales" which was beautifully illostrated with her own drawings and published under her married name : Nancy G Langmaid ~ Happy Birthday, Nancy !