Oh ~ such a perfect day to hang the washing out to dry in the garden but I have to be content with drying everything in the kitchen ~ heavy stuff on the Aga rail, the rest on the clothes horse ~ by the open door while I am downstairs which freshens it up a bit.   I see Jean's washing over the wall, and Bev's next door, all fluttering in the breeze ~ who would imagine the pain of NO LONGER being able to hang mine out too !

Sue was here to change my sheets, bless her ~ clean sheet night is such bliss.   Cleared out the freezer and chucked a couple of out of date packets of veg out.   Something funny happening here ~ I can't download a photo ~ and earlier I couldn't access the photos Johnny has sent me of his reurbished cottage, number 3 ~ I'll switch right off for a while and try again later.