Periwinkles ~ just about my favourite garden plant !

Hearty supper

Oh, great ~ Mary brought me down a dish of her rich stew ~ she is particularly good at gravy ~ thick and rich and tasty ~ I'd already eaten then so I have that to look forward to tonight.   As I type I look down on thetop of the high wall along which the periwinkle is suddenly in bloom ~ beautiful blue stars among the glossy dark greenery ~ and on the wall alongside the steps is a gorgeous clump of white daffodils.   I guess the poet was right and we are nearer to God in the garden ...

Periwinkles are just about my favourite flower and I encountered them first years and years ago visiting Nancy in her old cottage in Isle Abbots, Somerset ~ a long house really with four rooms in a line  on each floor, one opening out from the other ~ having at last learned to drive and bought a car, Howard was driving the two of us down into the West Country ~ having found out about my adultery with Fred, in the hope of reviving our thread bare marriagebut it was too late.   But it was good visiting Nancy and her family, and then on to Lustleigh where I had spent my early childhood and later been evacuated back there.   Nancy must have given me a few periwinkle roots which have travelled with me ever since ~ back to Quarry Road, and then to the little garden in North View, and finally up here to Whitby where they have flourished for the past thirty years both in my small patch and particularly happily on the high wall from which they dangle down all summer ~ maybe I've got a photo.

Crikey !!  I'm just listening to a program on Radio4 about the growing tendency for university students to BUY their essays from one of the many companies offering this service ~ one quoted the cost of a PhD thesis : £70,000 !   All these cheats flaunting their qualifications !!   Unbelievable !   What s the world coming to ?

Mary's good caserole for supper and I can't be bothered starting anything more tonight ~ I've just finished the novel I was reading on Kindle so I think I'll decide what to start next and settle down by the fire . . . 

Wednesday morning  : 'This is the weather the cuckoo likes, and so do I .../  (though I think the poet was talking about May or June, but this really does seem exceptionally warm and sunny for April) Dustmen left me half-a-dozen extra blue bags for recycling stuff ~ I never seem to have enough and regularly cadge them off neighbours !   This morning I will sort out the storage boxes in the shed  ~ well one of them at least ~ and gather all the tools together in the top one ~ some are in the attic, and screw driver and hammer already in the shed ~ a hopeless set-up. Perhaps I'll also have the strength to dust my worktop up here which I too often ignore ~ right !  Let me get started !

4.30pm ~ YES made a big difference in the shed and all the tools (such as I have) are together in the top container ~ sat out on the bench for a while ~ Bev brought us mugs of tea and the black smith joined us ~ Ralph Bagnall-Wild ~ he it was who made the splendid gate at the yard entry and now he's making railings for Tom's garden ~ this yard really is quite the best in town !

If only I was still capable of hanging out a line of washing

the splendid gate at the entrance to the yard made by Ralph Bagnall-Wild