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Decision time

storage boxes in the shed

David says that he and Alison are going to open their cottage again for Heritage Open weekend in September ~ my first reaction was that in that case I would do the same ~ it would mean asking Kate to come over to take charge ~ last year David estimated we had 175 through our houses over the Saturday and Sunday ~ Bev allowed people in to her kitchen but not upstairs ~ YES I thought ~ with Kate's help I'm sure I could manage again ~ I think this will be the twelfth time I've been involved ~ it started way back when John was Chairman of the Civic Society and searching out fresh venues ~ mine was the only property open in the yard and to start with they did not come in, but simply gazed at the pure Georgian features visible from outside ~ of course, they soon started asking, could they come in and it snow balled from there ~ I think they enjoyed looking round our houses, seeing how others live, as much as the other places on the programme of which there were something like eighteen here in Whitby thanks almost entirely to John's enthusiasm ~ all the rest were churches or other public buildings.   ANYWAY, on reflection I am too bloody old and frail to particpate again and it is not fair to ask Kate for help especially as that incredible Halifax feature, Piece Hall is to be opened for HODs a project Kate has been deeply invoved in ~ so decision made ~ however I will be around over the weekend to talk to anyone who is interested in the Sanders and the history of the house ~ BUT THAT IS ALL.   Maybe, now number 3 is in good shape (thanks to John's hard work and expertise) Johnny would consider opening it if he had no bookings at the time.

I've finally phoned the doctor about the pain in my right hip ~ I don't actually have any hips, both are artificial replacements, but nevertheless I've been having frightful pain for several months, and since Christmas it has been excrutiating ~ funnily enough the pain is worst when I'm lying down ~ either flopping on the sofa or in bed at night ~ could it be that the replacement is grinding into the socket ~ anyway hopefully someone will come to talk about it later.   Meanwhile poor Georgie is still waiting for her Parkinson's medication ~ she can't get through to anyone in the department ~ the first lot they prescribed had a warning on the box that they could cause epileptic fits and although she hasn't had a fit for years, she has been on eplilepsy drugs most of her life so it did not seem a good idea to risk stirring that up  ~ makes you wonder whether anyone read her notes before prescrbing the stuff !  It is five weeks sSince they have recommended that she starts Parkinson's medication ~ five weeks !

Next Thursday I have to go to the Bridlington Eye Clinic again the first time since January ~ I thought it meant they'd cured the problem ~ age related macro degeneration~ but I think it means they can do nothing more for me ~ I am practically blind and can only read on the Kindle with text blown up ~ these are the restrictions of my old age ~ can't hang washing out to dry and can no longer read books ~ mustn't grumble ~ could be worse ~ considerably worse !!

A bit of a mystery yesterday ~ an email purporting to come from Dan with picture of him and a very pretty girl ~ but Kate tells me Dan did not send it ~ certainly the identity of sender is garbled but WHY would anyone do this ~ it could only be one of his mates and none of them would know about his old Granny in Whitby ~ very strange.

Yes ~ a friendly woman doctor came at lunch time and will arrange for an Xray of hip so that's good ~ meanwhile she says I can safely take TWO paracetamols when the pain is bad which is mainly during the night ~ once I've got going in the morning although I'm lame and shuffle around like an old fogy I can cope ~ oh dear ~ what a sorry tale !  Helen's family are next door for a few days ~ Ella, William & Joe (twns) and Olivis ~ they will come in for a chat in the morning.

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