The handsome trellis stretching above the gardens of numbers 3 and 4

Gas and Air strikes

Heritage Open day 2016

Yesterday there were horrifying reports of the result of the gas attacks by President Assad on his own people ~ 70+ dead and hundreds more injured and poisoned by the gas ~ foaming at the mouth among other gruesome effects ~ this morning we hear that Trump ordered air strike on the military air field from which the Syrian forces are operating ~ where will this lead ?

Ella and William just came in for a chat ~ such nice kids and so well brought up ~ as soon as I said I must get on, they jumped up and were off home.   Two at a time is enough nowadays ~ they are here till Sunday so I'll see the others before then.   Still a bit of a mystery about the facebook picture of Dan that came through yesterday ~ he swears he had not sent it and in any case he hasn't got a girlfriend ~ Dan is at home for Easter already revising for his finals.   A dull day after such lovely weather ~ in fact I've put the heating on.   Someone rang from Coast Call from whom my alarm comes ~ I'm really conscientious these days and keep it on all day, and have it beside the bed at night.  Had a good chat with John down in Wells last night about the radio4 programme about the companies offering to write essays or even a thesis for students ~ absolutely outrageous as it throws doubt on all exam results and qualifications ~ the service is apparently offered quite openly !   At a price !   The studegns nterviewed in the programme were "too busy" to do the work themselves and seemed to have no qualms about cheating !

Saturday evening: Lincoln sausages for supper rich in sage, with new potatoes and runner beans ~ the book I'm reading now is another of those that just pop up on the Kindle 'highly recommended' ~ didn't sound that promising but decided to give it a go and it is quite gripping ~ set in the 1640s at the height of the persecution of any woman who was a bit unconventional or who had made enemies ~ horrifyig how easy it was to accuse someone and almost inevitably sealing their fate : The Witchfinder's Sister  by Beth Underdown ~ look out for it.

Back from a long walk, Ella came in for a few minutes chat, and chat with Beverley earlier.   Johnny's cottage, number 3, has been thoroughly refurbished by John ~ super-dooper throughout apart from those grotty old sofas, two of them,  that were there to start with and by the look of them had been there for ever ~ shabby and saggy and too low for comfort ~ Bev and I agree they are thoroughly disgusting and lower the tone dismally ~ we have been on to Johnny to chuck em out and get new ones ~ emails flying back and forth ~ but to no avail ~ he seems strangely attached to them ~ none of our business of course ~ they are covered in threadbare purple velvet for Christ's sake ~ can you imagine !

No TV tonight though Dad's Army is about all I ever watch on Satrdays ~ so I can settle down and learn some more about the' wise women' of bygone times, the misfits, and the way men blamed them for every sickness or loss or misfortune ~ and whenever they could cook up a case them, hanged them for their sins !   Monstrous !

Sunday morning and made a good start ~ decided the bright new rug should go in the bathroom where it seems perfectly happy ~ soft, fluffy and cheerful.   The children came in briefly and at Ella's request I told them about my ghost ~ hope it doesn't scare them.   Bev's John and friend have been down to Oxford where they regularly run Ghost Walks, so that is enterprising.     Absolutely glorious weather  ~ will it hold till Easter ?   


the bright new bath mat