One curtain taken down for the wash ~ don't know how I'll get at the other one

Ah ~ here they are !

The clean curtain bacl in place

There ~ I've been so worried about Annie and Chris as since their move ten days ago they seem to have disappeared from the radar ~ but 3.30 today and here they are at the door ~ the flat is fine and they have no regrets about leaving their 300 year old cottage in Blackburns Yard ~ cups of tea and chat before they went off to catch the bus ~ it's quite a pull up onto the West Cliffe and a good mile ~ I'm so happy to see them and hear that all is well ~ no joke uprooting yourselves at their age ~ Christopher is coming up to 90 !

Quite a day ~ Sue was here to hoover through, bless her ~ and Saul Black came to cut my toe nails ~ then Elaine came from Coast Call to check my alarm which she does every twelve weeks ~ a wonderful service ~ the time I fell over on the yard and banged my head and blood all over the steps, E laine was here in minutes once I'd pressed the alarm, and with ambulance to take me to Scarborough hospital ~ such speedy response ~ I feel I am in good hands and someone is on call round the clock in case . . .

Rose brought me a packet of scrumpuous nibbles ~ salted nuts mixed with chocolate coated peanuts ~ I sat there after Ch/4 News watching the University Challenge final and guzzled the whole lot !!   

Woke from my flop to see that several hooks must have fallen off sitting room curtains as they are dangling loose ~ Bev came in and tried to stop me but with only the slightest qualm I brought the steps through from the kitchen, and climbed up and took one curtain down ~ Bev removed all hooks ~ horrid plastic ones and several of them broken though they have done their job conscientiously for nearly thirty years ~ fortunately I'd ordered a bag of strong metal hooks from Amazon to replace them ~ got curtain into wash and it is already dry on the clothes horse in the kitchen ~ if the hooks have done well, the curtains have done brilliantly~ I went to Middlesborough with Kate only a couple of days after moving in here ~ they've been washed two or three times a year and they really are as good as new ~ nice rough texture, nice neutral colour, easy to wash and no need to iron ~ and they look really attractive ~ what more could anybody ask.   The room is in a bit of a tip tonight, but I am thankful to have got at least one of them washed.I'm not usually in to neutral but with so much wacky colour around the room they are perfecr.

I longed to hang curtain out in the sunshine but these days it is beyond me ~ Bev offered to hang it on her line but it seemed a bit much to ask and it has dried already on the clothes horse.   In case you are wondering why I ordered curtain hooks from Amazon, for heaven's sake ~ well I'm housebound these days and anything I need I get from Amazon ~ delivery is incredibly fast ~ stuff usually comes next day, and that includes Sundays !   And with a regular online grocery order from Sainsbury's and next day delivery I am completely self sufficient ~ mind you, friends are always offering to bring me shopping, but I could not bear to become a burden.

Tuesday afternoon : I got the new metal hooks on to the curtain and by-and-by Mary called out "Can I help ?" and  she climbed up and put it back again ~ so good to have it clean and fresh again ~ Bev came in later with John's children and he said he'll get the other curtain down tomorrow, and up again ~ he is enjoying a few days while the children are off school ~he is very knowledgeable about this area in bygone times and the landslide of 1604 which buried so many properties with up to 10' of mud and debris just as Saul has told me ~ there are not only animal bones to be found in these 'cellars' but human remains too which must tell us how unexpected and devastating the event was giving people no time to escape their mud-flattened hovels.

Sainsbury's delivery and as always it took me an hour and more to sort everything out and reorganise fridge and freezer.